Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gymboree Trial Run

Today my Little Cricket and I met a bunch of mommies at Gymboree to check it out. Gymboree is a young child play area where you sing songs and dance and let them explore. Up until now the babies haven’t been old enough, but now finally they can play. We met in the lobby, full of wiggling babies and frazzled moms. Once we got into the room the class was started off with us all in a circle. We sang songs, we danced, we flew our babies on our knees. And just when I thought I would gouge my eyes out it was playtime. There were tons of jungle gym equipment and my Little Cricket loved it. Ahhh what we mommies do in the name of love.





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paul peggy zeus said...

All that crawling around and exploring with babies his own age is so gosh darn good for him!

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