Friday, January 3, 2014

The Week in Moments: 33 Weeks Old

Sadly My Little Cricket we are still super sick. Thankfully at least today we are super sick but at home. I love to travel and we have been doing pretty good bringing you everywhere we go but traveling while I am sick and with a sick baby has been so super hard. I have never been happier to be home! You are getting amoxicillin still for your double ear infection. It has been hard trying to figure out the best way to get you to take the medicine. At least I had some clue what I was getting myself into. I have after all had to get both my dog and my cat to take medication in the past. Let me tell you, if I could get razor sharp nail wielding teeth gashing Seurat (the worlds most evil medicine taking cat) to take his medication, then I figured I could give a little sick helpless baby his. We of course made a mess of it, you and I, the first couple attempts until finally I figured out to use the binkie. By letting you suck the pacifier I could sneak the syringe of medicine in the corner of your mouth and you would drink down your medication just fine. It isn’t pretty but it’s working. Thankfully you are a happy baby even when sick.




Even sick this past week you had such a great time over the holidays. There were so many kids and so many toys for you to play with. Sure you were the littlest of all the kids but they all adored you and were so good playing with you. You gobbled up the attention, finally people more your size!




Of course because you were sick and since we were traveling your schedule was all off and you wanted me to hold you a little more and cuddle you a little more. And then you would go off on another adventure. At the hotel room there was a mini refrigerator that had a very shiny door. You loved that thing and spent a good 20 minutes hanging out with the other baby in the room. It was the cutest thing. I had so much fun watching you play… and then I thought to record it.

You now can grab things, like REALLY grab things, small things, dangerous things, aka you are grabbing things off the floor and sort of getting it to your mouth. No matter how much I scan the room before I set you down I cannot catch everything and you are like a hound dog trying to find the most dangerous thing in the room. You are on a mission. This week you got a piece of twist tie.



You are a rock star sitter now. Sure you still cannot get to a sitting position yourself but at least now when I sit you up you stay there. A few weeks practice with sitting and then a whole new world of sitting in shopping carts and restaurant high chairs will open up to you. I find myself excited for your next steps and wanting you to get there sooner, to worried that you are growing up too fast and wanting you to slow down. Not really sure if that feeling is ever going to go away. Even though you aren’t getting into the sitting position just yet you are mastering the army crawl. You are getting so incredibly fast. We are still waiting for you to pop up on your hands and knees.

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Go Sniper Baby! It's amazing what little ones can find, isn't it?

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