Friday, December 27, 2013

The Week in Moments: 32 Weeks Old

Now that the rest of the troops are at grandma’s house (15 people including you) for Christmas I don’t think you have touched the floor. Between grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and your older cousins it seems like you are just passed from lap to lap and you are LOVING it. It makes me a little sad that we don’t have family flowing through the house all of the time through the rest of the year but then I think about how blessed we are to have the time that we do have.







We left for North Carolina 10 days ago, and in those 10 days you figured out how to MOVE. You went from kind of crawling to I blink my eyes and you are across the room. It is amazing how fast you are going and growing.


You got to meet so many family members this week and had so much fun with all the kids. Your older cousins range in ages from 23-2 but everyone took out time to play with you. You especially loved the younger kids, kids that were closer your age. They were the ones that really got you laughing.


Everyone also took turns feeding you, grandma even managed to borrow a high chair for you. It was wonderful to have so much help. We are still working on getting you used to food. You are doing better and are at least managing to get as much in you as you get on you. Of course the baby puffs (baby crack) is your all-time favorite.




I always loved Christmas but Christmas with a baby was magical in a whole new way. I cannot wait until you are a little older and are able to appreciate the magic. For now I get to dress you up in cute little outfits and marvel at your adorableness.





Our only major issue this week is that again you refuse to sleep. We tried the pack and play that grandma borrowed, I tried the suitcase trick that worked when you were four months old but both didn’t work. The only place I could get you to sleep was either on me, or in your car seat. I don’t sleep well when you sleep with me. I worry about crushing you or you getting tangled in the sheets which would suffocate you, or that you will just roll off the bed. In the end I get no sleep. So we did a mixture, half the time you slept in our car seat and the other half of the time you slept with me while I stayed up and worried. We made it work. At least with one of us rested (you) we could manage to get through the day happy.




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It's nice to have family around to help especially when you are not feeling well.

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