Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Remember 2013 in Words and Photos

Oh my goodness so much can happen in just one short year. With the addition of our son life has never been better but I am still trying to find my comfortable footing. Trying to juggle being a mom, a wife, and keeping some of the things that are important to me (including this blog) has been a real struggle. Usually every year I choose something to try to challenge myself, but since I am already feeling challenged my goal is to survive the year and to keep this blog up. That’s right I am setting the bar low, just at attainable. We want to get pregnant agin this year, yup I am about to jump back on the pregnancy rollercoaster, I am just hoping that this time around we wont have any issues. Be prepared for the meltdowns.

Anyways here are my favorite posts from the year and also my little year in photos video. Happy New Year everyone!

Girls Road Trip: Las Vegas
“Yup I am pregnant and going to Las Vegas!!!!”

Baby Brain: Maternity Photoshoot 23 weeks
”This is me with a fo-mohawk…”

A Little Accidental Concussion
”There are two facts that I would like to get out of the way before I start this story. One is that I LOVE my cat, as in I adore the little drooling grumpy old man…”

Power, Corruption & Striving for Eternal Youth
”And since we were watching a movie about a woman’s desperate attempt to stay young we decided to put on face masks.”

The Sewing Machine Made Me
”With my patience exhausted for the day I decided this baby was going to have to go to the doctor… not today, it was going to have to go tomorrow.”

A Little Trip to the ER
” It was a typical evening. Mr. Rogue had just arrived home from work and I had already eaten without him because a pregnant woman has no control over when the fetus wants to eat. “

When Pet Peeves become Assets
”I am just very particular and I don’t necessarily take the first no as a no. I see it more as a start to barging, congole so I can get my way.”

Blindsided – A Paralyzed Moment of Shock
”One of the squishy pieces in between his spinal column he explained had broken. And those broken pieces were imbedded so far into Mr. Rogue’s spinal column that he was surprised he wasn’t paralyzed from the neck down.”

Vacay to SF: The Coastal Redwood Forest
“I wish one of those creatures would jump out and eat her FACE!”

Rogue Life List #93. Write a Letter to my Future Child
” I was massively unprepared for how hard it would be to get to this place, gloriously, happily soon to be a mom.”

Baby Brain, Birth Story: Little Cricket’s Birth Story
”So I am ok, my little cricket is ok which means that our little two person family now included a third. And our lives will never be the same again.”

The Perfect Recipe for a Nap
”We had to brave the heat once more to get to the car and then it was air conditioning I vowed for the rest of the day. Mommy and poor Little Cricket had enough heat for the day. Now it’s time for some yummy Olive Garden and of course heat & Italian food = a nap!”

Hawaii: Our First Attempt at a Family Vacation
” Of course now we have a little baby, and that wasn’t really in the plan for our first trip, but I couldn’t be happier in this moment 10 years later finally on our way. “

Trying to Gently Define my New Normal
”So I set goals and I try, I fail, and I regress to old habits. I lost a dear friend, my feet hurt all the time, my body aches from the inside out, my blog is behind, and I find myself mentally whipping myself. The voice inside my head is saying I am not good enough, I am not trying hard enough, I am making lame excuses. I spent months in therapy trying to calm this voice down, but it is again rearing its ugly head.”

” I specifically came for a wreath, and I didn’t have the time or the energy to drive to another store so I did what any crafty girl would do I was going to get a bunch of random stuff and mash it all together”



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