Saturday, January 4, 2014

Getting Back Home to LALA Land

We are becoming pretty good at traveling with a baby. I have toys and the feeding thing down pat. We have the diaper bag organized just so. Getitng our bags checked, through security and onto the plane is now second nature. HOWEVEVER I was so nervous traveling today. Both My Little Cricket and I are still painfully sick. We both still are sneezing and coughing, we both aren’t sleeping well, we are both crabby. That alone would be worrysome but what was most freaking me out is attempting to fly while we were both still suffering from ear infections. My Little Cricket has been great with flying, the pressure really never bothered his ears at all. But I know from experience flying with an ear infection is a whole other game. Thankfully my girlfriend Ms. Ivey did some quick research and told me to try earplanes. They are little plugs that go into your ears that help with ear pressure issues while flying. On the way to the airport we stopped at the drug store and picked them up hoping so hard that they would somehow magically make our ears feel better.


I put the ear plugs in just before we took off the plane. I was expecting my Little Cricket to batt them away as I was trying to put them in or at the very least try to take them out but surprisingly he left them alone. I also had gotten a pair for me as well. They weren’t exactly comfortable but then again my ears were already hurting. Anyways they seemed to really help. I remember the last time I flew with an ear infection that I was very uncomfortable. This time it wasn’t so bad. Other than making it a little hard to hear they did the trick. Thankfully Mr. Rogue was feeling good, he took over baby duty and gave our son extra cuddles, while I got to attempt to rest.



The flight wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be and we made it home to LALA land safe and sound. I was so super miserable, I can just imagine what my little baby felt like. We were waiting for the baggage, and then waiting for the taxi, and all I could think about, day dream about, wish for was my warm comfortable bed. I am not doing anything when I get home for a full week.




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paul peggy zeus said...

I'm telling you, that baby needs frequent flier miles. He'd already earned himself a trip around the world.

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