Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Durham: Twas the Night Before Christmas

We have a family tradition to go to Christmas Eve service at church. With such a big crowd we planned on getting there early, even just trying to get everyone out the door is difficult. Bathrooms are packed, hair and makeup are flying, little kids shoes are missing but we managed finally and we even were able to get to the church with plenty of time for service.


The service was great involving a little skit about a man with a hole in his bucket. They were trying to figure out how to fix the bucket and neither was having much success. Fast forward to the end where they simply placed the bucket with the hole into another bucket without a hole. I love going to church the stories, the sermon, it makes you think about who you are, what you are doing, where you want to go. I went to church often. Youth group was a large part of my life in High school and I rarely missed Sunday service. I really miss going to church and sometimes I forget how much I miss it until I go again. I have looked several times in LA but still haven’t found something that feels like home. Every so often I will go and try another church but I haven’t been able to find that perfect fit. It is discouraging. However every single time I visit Mr. Rogue’s parents and accompany them to their church I am renewed to try again to find one in LALA land. I simply LOVE their church and if I keep trying maybe, just maybe I can find one that makes me feel the same way where I live.

I also want my Little Cricket to grow up in a church and be surrounded by such a fabulous community. Another reason to start looking again.


Mrs. Faith had made her famous homemade chicken soup last week so it was nice and easy for her to get home from the service and have an amazing meal on the table quickly. Seriously it is the best chicken soup ever, and her dumplings… I want chicken and dumplings right now!




Mr. Pittsburgh has a tradition in his family where you get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. That gift is always pajamas that everyone wears that night. I LOVE this tradition so much that I decided to adopt it for my very own. And then Mrs. Fruit joined in as well so everyone opened their Christmas Pajama gifts. Growing up we wore whatever pajamas that we wanted, sometimes very mismatched, interesting, comfy things that were awesome for sleeping in but not so awesome going back to look at the photos. Giving pajamas the night before guarantees cute photos in the future.


Mr. Rogue helped my Little Cricket to open his gift; of course he was more interested in the wrapping paper than he was in the actual pajamas.


And then Mr. Rogue’s mom gave my Little Cricket a very special gift. A book that she gave to Mr. Rogue when he was a little boy in 1982. Its the classic, ‘The Night Before Christmas’. Now it is being passed down to our son, the next generation. I was so excited to get this because I am a BIG fan of passing down traditions. Of course I read it to him this year and I cannot wait to read this book to my son on all his Christmas Eve’s.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Why is it that babies are so obsessed with the wrapping paper, and children just love the boxes the bigger gifts come in? so funny! Great tradition, Mr. Pittsburg.

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