Thursday, December 26, 2013

Durham: A Special Surprise for our Parents

I finally get to blog about this present. A present for both Mr. Rogue and my parents that has been four months in the planning and making. Both sets of our parents love puzzles and I knew I wanted to get a puzzle made of my Little Cricket for them as a Christmas present. I had this in the back of my mind but was trying to figure out what the subject would be. Obviously it would have our son in it but puzzles are best when there is a ton going on. While I was at my grandparents house in Michigan back when my Little Cricket was only four months old inspiration hit. My grandmother had her doll collection, and even though it was a bit girly, I arranged and took a photo of my son among the dolls. He is a boy surrounded by girls. I knew both my mother and my mother in law would love the dolls.


I then did a ton of research to find a good company that made a good quality puzzle. Mr. Rogue jumped in and decided that a 2000 piece puzzle would be just perfect. I gave my mom her puzzle over Thanksgiving when we were together in Louisville for our sides Christmas. But of course I couldn’t blog about it, my mother in law reads this blog and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.


My mom couldn’t help herself she opened the puzzle and worked a little bit of it before packing it back up. She didn’t want to be working it and ignoring all of us. But don’t you worry as soon as she got home she started working. It took her a few days to finish, it is a very difficult puzzle after all.



Yesterday we presented Mr. Rogues family with their puzzle. As an added difficulty Mr. Rogue decided to give his family a puzzle without a photo (I was nicer to my mom and gave her a box with a picture on it). He said f they wanted to know what the puzzle picture was then they would just have to put it together.


After a few days of watching them struggle we pulled out the backup photo that we had brought for them. With a picture they were able to start putting it together much faster. Everyone chipped in and put a few pieces together.


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paul peggy zeus said...

This was one tough puzzle! It took several days to put together! Not only were the pastel colors similar, many of the pieces fit in several different places! Thank you for such a thoughtful gift! Loved it!

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