Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Durham: Recreating Childhood Memories

We woke up bright and early Christmas morning. In past years bright and early was hard, because I am more of a not so bright and not so early morning person. However this year, after being put through baby boot camp, 8am felt like sleeping in. Our little family cuddled on the bed for a while before going downstairs. I keep saying it but I am so incredibly happy right now, and I feel so incredibly blessed. As the three of us snuggled, all in our Christmas jammies, I feel full of joy and thankfulness.


We walked downstairs to my mother-in-laws little Charlie brown breast cancer tree. I was bummed that Mr. Rogue decided not to get trees at our house this year. I totally get it, we were only home 12 days between our Thanksgiving trip to Louisville Kentucky and our Christmas trip to Raleigh North Carolina. But my in-laws also decided not to get a big tree. I totally get it, we had a ton of people in the house and putting a big tree up just wouldn’t fit with the limited space. At least this tree was interesting… and pink!



I searched high and low a few months ago for new Christmas stockings. I wanted to find ones that I LOVED, that we would use year after year. Finally I found something that was just perfect. I got three with our embroidered names on them and I just adore how they came out. Of course while I was ordering our three I also then bought two more blank ones. For now Mr. Rogue has agreed to two children, I am still pushing for hopefully three. So two more, just in case, for those hypothetical future children.

So we opened stockings, we opened gifts, we ate, the chaos was everywhere and it took forever. It was the best Christmas ever. Having my healthy little boy snuggled in my arms was the greatest gift of all. That and being surrounded by an awesome family. I am the luckiest girl in the world.





It took hours to open all the gifts. We open one at a time so we can enjoy the morning and see what everyone got. My Little Cricket had a nap in the middle so his gifts piled up a little. I am not really great at taking video although I am trying to get better. For now something is better than nothing.


Yesterday we watched the classic ‘A Christmas Story’. So today when all the gifts were open, and we were left hungry but unmotivated to cook, and someone suggested a Chinese buffet we were all sold. So on Christmas day we all headed down in four cars to the China Buffet. Nothing like working up an appetite with hours of present opening and then eating all you can eat Chinese food. I am just sad that the workers at the restaurant didn’t sing the song. That would have been incredible.



As soon as we got back home I went upstairs with my Little Cricket, we changed back into jammies and took a nap. The rest of the day was spent playing with new toys, sipping tea and then making a beautiful Christmas ham dinner. I am so blessed having married Mr. Rogue into such a great family.



And then we ended with cookies, awesomely homemade Christmas cookies. We didn’t get to making shortbread cookies, it would have been fun to decorate them, ah well there is always next year.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Looks like plenty of presents, food and loads of cookies! A great holiday for sure!

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