Sunday, December 29, 2013

Durham: Our Traditional Gingerbread Making Day

And here we are again. Christmas. Time to make our gingerbread houses. I get the supplies, we make sure we have time in all of our busy schedule to make them, and then I get sick. Two years ago I had a 102 fever… this year I have a cold so bad that I don’t know if I will ever get better.

My in-laws and my brother-in-law and his wife share wedding anniversaries close together so they all went out to dinner. So in addition to trying to get these houses started the rest of us at the house were also helping to care for my brother-in-laws two kids. Oh and I was sick with a sick baby. Thank goodness we didn’t have to worry about dinner; pizza is served!


No matter how sick I am I am of course not going to just lay down and skip gingerbread houses. So I got Mr. Rogue to help me cut the graham crackers into the house shapes. I got the nieces to help laying out the candies. I made the icing. And then then baby started melting down. Everyone got to make and decorate a house this year except me. I put my house together but before I could decorate I got called away by my little boss. I simply handed the house to my sister-in-law. Being sick, caring for a sick baby, I just couldn’t push through.



In hindsight maybe I should have skipped the houses this year. It depleted the last of my very quickly dwindling energy. But when I look around the table at everyone else having a great time I cannot help but feel good. So I sat back and I watched everyone else. And you know what it was good. Everyone had a bunch of fun and I was happy that the tradition lives on. Next time I vow to make a gingerbread house AND not be sick. Let’s see if I succeed.

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paul peggy zeus said...

That face Mr Rouge, like the Mad Hatter! lol

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