Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Atlanta: A Rocky Start to our New Year’s Eve

We woke up this morning to my Little Cricket’s fifth day of a fever over 100 degrees. Every five hours his fever would start creeping back up and at the six hour mark I would always give him his Advil with his temp somewhere between 102 and 103. I had called his pediatrician on the third day of his fever and she said that if we hit five days without it breaking on its own without medication then we should take him to the ER. So this morning, bright and early we headed to Urgent care. Since my Little Cricket had to be seen, and since I was still super sick, I decided I may as well have the doctor check me out too. After all we probably had the same bug and there was no point in me not getting medication too if I could.


We got shown to a room and proceeded to wait. I was crabby to say the least because this is exactly what I want to be doing. I am supposed to be on vacation, I am supposed to be having breakfast with a girlfriend that I never get to see, I am supposed to be ready to get my drink on because its New Year’s eve and last year I was pregnant and couldn’t participate. Instead I am waiting for a doctor with the worst cold ever, with a sick baby who is as miserable as I am and not sleeping during the night. HAPPY NEW YEARS! The literature hanging in our room didn’t really do much to improve my mood. Two weeks or more of cough and nasal discharge for both baby and me sounds super fun.


Finally the doctor gets to the office and checks us both out. Thankfully we don’t have the flu, in his opinion it is just a very bad cold. The source of the fever is that my Little Cricket has a double ear infection… and drumroll so do I. HURRAH!!!!!! Both of us sick with the most horrible cold and now we both have both of our ears infected. The cream on the cake is that we have to fly in a few days. I will have to watch and make sure that the medication is working or we may need to see urgent care again and delay our flight home. Flying with a baby with their ears infected would be terrible.

The good news is that at least we now have something that we can treat. With the medication the doctor was hopeful that the fever would start abating on its own in the next 24 hours. In the mean time I am to continue with the Advil every six hours.

And now was the question of whether or not we should/could go visit our friends in Atlanta as we had planned. Regardless in two days our flight was leaving from Atlanta so no matter what we had to get down there. Our concern was that the couple we are visiting have two small children and we were worried since we are carrying the plague that we would no longer be welcome. Thankfully both their kids are in daycare/school and they are no strangers to getting sick. They both still wanted us to come so we piled our little sick family into the car, picked up the prescriptions and Mr. Rogue drove the 4.5 hours to Atlanta. Poor Mr. Rogue. I was a mess, I was so crabby that even the sunlight was making me upset. Thankfully my Little Cricket slept almost the entire car ride and I even managed to grab a two hour nap. It is amazing what a little nap can do for my mood.

When we arrived in Atlanta we checked into the hotel. Although I was hoping to make it until midnight I wasn’t sure if either my Little Cricket or I would have a meltdown and would need to leave. We arrived at Mr. & Mrs. Penn’s house and it was all take a seat, kick your feet up, relax we got this. Which was EXACTLY what I needed. We cooed over the baby, played with their kids, ate yummy food and just totally chilled out.


We spent six hours at their house. I was totally ecstatic that I made awake until midnight. Of course I spent the night sipping water instead of wine. I did take a few sips of Champaign (super tasty but doesn’t really mix well with my medication) with everyone as we watched the ball drop on TV. HAPPY NEW YEAR… and now it’s time to go back to the hotel to sleep.





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paul peggy zeus said...

Happy New Year even though you are both under the weather. :x(

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