Saturday, December 28, 2013

Durham: And the Plague Hits Again

We got sick right after thanksgiving and now we are getting sick again right after Christmas. People warned me that having a baby, a baby with a weakened immune system and traveling or even going out in public would not mix well. But I refuse to be stuck in a corner. I am just glad that my Little Cricket was six months before he got his first cold. At least I didn’t have a tiny one month old traveling during flu season.


But that doesn’t fix the fact that I have a sick baby, I am sick and we both aren’t sleeping which just makes a really bad situation feel worse. My Little Cricket has a slight fever 100.3 so he is taking Advil and even though I don’t have a fever I am taking Advil as well because the aches, pains and headache. Besides I cannot take anything stronger because I am still breastfeeding. So the day was spent snuggling my little sick guy taking a nap, eating chicken noodle soup mom made me, Mr. Rogue helping with the baby….



and me watching FOOTBALL. Now first of all I am not a TV fan. Second of all I don’t watch sports; EVER. I am not one of those girls that would watch with their boyfriends, I never went to games in high school or college; I don’t even know any of the rules. But because I couldn’t bear to be in my room a second more, and because my brother-in-law is into sports, and because I was so weak I couldn’t move from the couch even if I wanted to I watched football.


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paul peggy zeus said...

POOR little guy! And poor mommy too!

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