Thursday, January 2, 2014

Atlanta: A Trip to the Biggest Aquarium in the World

With only one true full day to spend with our friends in Atlanta I wasn’t going to waste it, even feeling as sick as I do. Instead I decided to just woman up and push through. I reasoned that I could always rest when we got home in two days. So we started talking about fun things to do, things that we could take three children too, something fun in the city. My friend, Ms. Ivy, recently drove to Atlanta from Charlotte to see the aquarium and she said it was pretty great. Since I am a lover of aquariums, and since it came so highly recommended I offered it as an option and everyone jumped at the chance to go. Of course their family has been a hundred times but they were excited to show us around their space. Plus with the day being a little chilly and gloomy an indoor event was the perfect plan.


I really wasn’t prepared though for how crowded it was. I figured that since yesterday was New Years Eve that there would be a bunch of people just chilling out at home. Apparently many had the same idea that we did. The crowds made it a little more difficult for us with so many people and a stroller to stick together and get good views of the tanks. I could have cared less. I was just so super excited that we were here and that it was as cool as I had hoped.





This was My Little Crickets first time being at an aquarium and although he was a little too young to really get it he had a great time watching the movement and the water and the colors. Mr. Rogue and I took turns carrying him and strolling him while the other took photos with the camera. It was so hard splitting my attention between the animals, photography and the baby.





This aquarium was awesome, the largest aquarium in the world. One of my all time favorites I have ever been too. I really loved the wave room; a curved glass aquarium where waves pulsed overhead. Wave after wave crashing and reflecting light into the aquarium and people below. In fact I loved it so much I turned to Mr. Rogue with a look of glee in my eyes and he agreed. We need one in our bedroom.

I also loved the gliding walk that went through the tank. Something about sharks swimming directly overhead that really speaks to my soul. Plus I feel like I am a part of their world without getting wet. It will probably be the closest I get to diving.

But the BEST part of this aquarium was their gigantic 6.3 million gallon tank, the largest in the United States. It held three whale sharks. Gigantic behemoths that circled round and round. The front of this tank was packed with people, but because our friends had been there a million times before they knew the secret viewing area. We headed to the ballroom where we got pretty much the whole tank to ourselves. It was so magical.





Of course since we were there for most of the day I needed to breastfeed my Little Cricket. Thankfully they had a pretty nice family nursing baby changing room that was super private and had a bench for me to feed the baby in peace. It is funny how you don’t think about something like this until you need it. Things like nursing rooms, or ramps instead of stairs for the stroller.


It was a fantastic day. We all had such a great time together. But too soon it was time to go home. My Little Cricket and I were still sick and the kids were ready to eat dinner.


I made my new specialty soup, stolen from my sister-in-law, and we chilled out back at the house.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I've heard about this aquarium from fellow campers this year, and want to go too! 6.3 million gallons in a tank, wow, unbelievable!

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