Friday, December 20, 2013

The Week in Moments: 7 Months Old - 31 Weeks

I know I keep saying this, and I will probably say this until well after your college graduation, but you are growing up way too fast. I am loving this stage, you are exploring and curious and getting into everything. We are still working on solids and up until now I have been making all of your baby food. However since we are traveling so much these next few weeks I am relaxing my baby food making and instead settling on using pouches. Oh so convenient and at a way smoother consistency which you seem to really like. There is a chicken, veggie blend in particular that you just hoover down. At least I am getting organic pouches and you love them so I don’t feel too terrible.





I also introduced you to baby puffs… aka baby crack… this week. Since you loved the few cheerios I fed you when we were in Kentucky so much I decided to try the puffs. You love them, LOVE THEM, as in sometimes you try to claw your way out of your highchair trying to get them kind of love. The best thing about the baby crack is that when I am eating it gives you something to chew on without a lot of supervision.

You smile at everyone now. Sure you are a more serious little dude but when people bend down to talk you get super excited. You are still a super easy going baby, seriously I feel super blessed, it makes doing everything so much easier. Grandmas and grandpas house isnt baby proofed but we did ok. Grandpa found some buffers for the fireplace and we were able to block off the few things you could get into in the family room. You pretty much had the whole floor to yourself and you scooted everywhere. Toys were always underfoot and everyone had to be extra careful not to step on you. You didn’t lack for arms to snuggle in that is for sure.








For some reason you refuse to sleep in the pack and play that grandma and grandpa got for you. I tried a few times but you just were not having it. So you will only sleep on me, which isnt really an option. Finally I got you sleeping in your carseat and you slept there all week. I have a feeling you will be in this thing the rest of the trip. At least you are sleeping.


You started razzing this week something that has been in your baby book that you might be able to do for a while. Maybe a little late to the table with the razzing but you sure are a big talker. You babble away all the time. You are also getting much better at sitting up. I still have to sit you up, you can’t quite get there on your own yet, but once you are sitting you can stay upright now.




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