Friday, December 13, 2013

The Week in Moments: 30 Weeks Old

Oh my Little Cricket, it has been a REALLY tough week. Not only have you been sick with a nasty cold but so have I. It broke my heart to see you suffering and it was so difficult taking care of you when I was falling apart. You had such a hard time breathing one day that I finally went out to the store and bought you a humidifier. That thing WORKED SO WELL, and as an added bonus became your new favorite toy. Thankfully you are feeling a much better although I am still pretty sick, but I am just happy we survived.




Sure the house is a mess and we haven’t gotten any of our to-dos done, and we spent the week in our pajamas but we survived. Sometimes surviving is a success in itself. Tonight I plan on handing you off to your father while I sleep ALL WEEKEND LONG. I am hoping with the rest and the help taking care of you I will be better come Sunday. I hope, I pray, PLEASE!!!!


This week I busted out the big boy stroller attachment. You are now old enough, with enough head control and big enough to officially graduate to your new chair. You look so tiny swimming around in the big seat. But I am sure you are happier that you no longer will be cruising around in the infant seat. You love being able to sit upright in your new big seat and I love that this bad boy fully reclines so when you are tired you can still sleep in it like a champ. It has so much more room and space for you to relax, plus it looks a ton more comfy than the more restricting infant car seat we have been using.



You are still doing great with food. This week we tried carrots which you love, you also really like mangos and peaches. Of course although you are eating better your attention span is still all over the place. Trying to feed you sometimes is difficult not because you won’t eat but because you are staring off at something else and you simply cannot be bothered to open your mouth for me. Speaking of everything interesting you play so great alone or with us. You love to explore, moving around the room to check all the corners. We have frantically been baby proofing as we go. As you get into something you shouldn’t we modify it until you leave it alone. So far it’s working.





With all that exploring and everything that is so interesting you are sadly starting to ignore me a little. Up until now I was the most fascinating thing in the room but for the moment you would rather go off on your own and explore. I know this is just a phase and I am so happy you are such a healthy fun little ball of energy. I know this will just be one of many stages of us growing up together, mom and son trying to figure out how they fit together, apart, together.

Your bank of noises in increasing every week. This week, the angry grunt. You don’t actually do this while you are angry, you do this all the time just because you can. No matter what the noise I love playing with you, talking to you, chatting with you even though you have no idea what I am saying. I love making noises and we will often just lay there, you will make a noise and I will copy it, and then I will make a noise and you will copy it. It is simply my favorite thing to do right now.

Lastly we did a photo shoot this week that is probably my favorite to date. I took some lights and some ornaments and we just played on the floor. You LOVED the lights and I loved how these photos turned out!













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paul peggy zeus said...

Great photo shoot. Baby, you light up my life!

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