Friday, December 6, 2013

The Week in Moments: 29 Weeks Old

You are so big, and healthy and beautiful; my heart just melts when I think of you. This week you are getting onto your hands and knees. I mistakenly thought that this would mean that you would give up the army crawl and start crawling properly… I was sadly mistaken. You simply jump up, shake back and forth for a minute as if to test your muscles, and then plop back on your belly to drag yourself somewhere new.




Daddy was sick with pneumonia this week. He was so sick he finally went into the doctor which he never does. Oh My Little Cricket I hope you are in for a world of stubbornness, both your father and I are super stubborn so I don’t think you are going to get away without that trait. I tried so hard for you not to get sick. We kept you far away from daddy, or he wore a face mask and we washed our hands constantly. Still both you and I ended up with a cold, thankfully it was pretty minor one. Still I didn’t realize how hard it would be to be sick and care for a sick baby. It hasn’t been fun. Thank goodness you are so cute and easygoing.









You and I talk all the time, mostly just making sounds at each other or sometimes me talking to you and you squealing in delight. I am always making sounds with you and this week you started popping your mouth. Seriously it is the cutest thing ever. No wait you are the cutest thing ever. Ahhhh I just cannot stop grinning!

Each week we do a photoshoot of some kind, it may be just a little obsessive but I love to take photos, I love to see how much you have grown from week to week and you are just too cute for me to resist. My husband often jokes that you are going to grow up thinking that the camera is your big brother but I don’t care. I will treasure these photos as I am sure someday you and even your children will as well.






Your eyes are so beautiful. They are a moving color from blue grey to blue green to hazel. I am not really sure what color that they will settle into or if your unique eyes are here to stay but they are beautiful. For a mama with brown hair and hazel eyes I just assumed you would be dark. I love your light eyes!


We were out to eat and you were being weirdly fussy which so normally isn’t your mode of operation. Since you liked the cheerios so much last week and since I didn’t have any baby food with me my friend suggested having you try some squash. It was the first time I was feeding you chunks of food and you LOVED IT.





After traveling it is always nice to be home, doubly so with a little one. Of course you are always getting into everything, but at least at my house if you get into something you shouldn’t I don’t have to worry. You bring smiles to my face all the time. Love you Little Cricket!




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I love how his mouth starts moving before the sound comes out. So cute!

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