Friday, November 29, 2013

The Week in Moments: 28 Weeks Old

Thanksgiving often makes you reflect what you are thankful for. Well I am thankful for you. This time four years ago I found out that my five month pregnancy had ended. Last thanksgiving I was pregnant with you and terrified that I would lose you too. I am so thankful to have you hear, happy and healthy. I am thankful to be a new mom do such an adorable sweet little boy. And I am most thankful for the love you bring to my life every single day.


Each week brings something fabulous, and this week you started talking in constants. Daddy was super excited because he was home to hear your first babbles. We were both in the other room trying to pack, you were in your crib playing and then we paused to listen to you practicing to talk. I had to try and sneak in several times before I finally got you talking on camera.

Grandma and grandpa gave you your first car for Christmas. Since it was too big to give it to us in Louisville and then have to ship it to LA, they just sent it directly to our house. Since they weren’t here to see him open his gift I took a video; after of course Mr. Rogue spent the night before putting it together. My Little Cricket is going to have so much fun with this toy.




We are still working on solids and you are getting better at managing to get more food in your belly than on your face. This week you had sweet potato for Thanksgiving that my mom fed you. You seemed to like it since you ate quite a bit. I tried feeding you pears but you weren’t liking those at all. Aunt Lambchop introduced you to Cheerios which you LOVED!!!


You had such a great time with all the family members and I wish we lived closer to them all. It was curious because while we were on our trip you didn’t talk much at all but when you are alone you talk constantly. Anyways there were plenty of people who wanted to hold and cuddle your baby cuteness. Grandma and grandpa especially couldn’t get enough of having both their grandsons together.


You are such a serious little boy. Sometimes I wonder what you are thinking. Other times I see your father in you because you get so intense. Other times you are a ball of joy and laughter. Everything is catching your attention and your little eyes are constantly moving taking everything in. You started responding to your name or maybe you just keep turning your head to my voice, regardless I love watching you grow each and every week.







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paul peggy zeus said...

LOVE the videos! He's talking away, won't be long before we can actually understand him. Looks like his new car was a big hit.

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