Monday, December 9, 2013

The Gift of Crepes

My brother and sister-in-law asked what we wanted for Christmas and one of the things I mentioned was Mr. Rogue and my recent obsession with this crepe place and how we would love to start making them at home. Being kitchen gadget foodies themselves they went out and got us a joint gift, a killer awesome De Buyer Crepe Pan and a Crepe recipe book. We have been playing in the kitchen with several of the recipes already and it is awesome to be able to whip up a batch of these easily at home now.

I used to attempt making crepes in my regular non stick small fry pan and it never really worked out. Suffice to say it is SO MUCH EASIER and better and more awesome to do things correctly. These crepes are coming out perfect now!


I am a lover of pancakes, especially on the weekend. The crepe is just a better option, instead of a thick cake covered in butter and syrup (the only way I eat my pancakes) a crepe is a thin cake and I love it stuffed with fresh fruit or berries. Of course it is going to take time to build up a rich base on the pan. It will be a labor of love. Soon I will post our favorite recipes.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I love strawberry crepe suzettes. YUMM

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