Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Durham: On our Way to North Carolina for the Holidays

The airport was a mess. Of course I had brought an astonishing amount of luggage; 3 large bags, a garment bag, three small bags, the diaper bag and the camera bag. Mr. Rogue was less than pleased. Yet it totally wasn’t my fault. I was bringing a bunch of Christmas presents with us after all. Seriously the gifts alone took up two large bags. And trying to pack while traveling with a baby is a nightmare. AND I like to pack everything. You think with how much I have traveled that I would LEARN to be a more efficient packer. With the exception of my Europe trip (which I managed with just one small carryon and which Mr. Rogue likes to remind me about over and over that he knows it can be done) I like to bring too much… just in case. Wrangling that much luggage with crazy LALA land airport traffic isn’t fun, add in the fact that it is even crazier right now with Christmas traveling and we are reaching maximum levels of patience. Next time I will just be shipping the Christmas gifts instead of trying to lug them on the plane.

Once we got the luggage checked in I thought we were in the clear. We had arrived two hours early, as is our new normal with the baby. All the lines were crazy long and even with our large amount of time we just managed to get through security, grab something to eat and board the plane on time. Seriously I know the LALA airport is busy but I have never seen the lines this long.


We purchased a seat for my Little Cricket on this flight. We knew with the busy holiday that it would be hard gamble to try and see if we could gnab a free empty seat like I usually try to do when we fly. I am so glad that I did get him the seat, not only was our plane full but it was also overbooked. There would have been no way to get him his own seat. This way he could be safer in his car seat, e had somewhere to nap other than directly on me and Mr. Rogue and I could have a little time to relax while he was napping.



Other than one volcano diaper, which I had a super awesome time trying to change in the tiny coffin like airplane bathroom, we managed the trip without too much trouble.

Mr. Rogues parents both came to the airport to get us. Of course they immediately gravitated to the baby. I am slowly getting used to the fact that I am not the center of the universe anymore… someone smaller, younger and oh so much cuter took that title from me and now I am just the baby chauffer. All joking aside we were just glad to land safely and be together finally.



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