Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Little Corner of the Internet: The Rogue Woman Blog 6 Year Birthday


I have been struggling about blogging since I started. There are so many pitfalls and so many things to ignore and move on about. I have had problems with friendships, and family that may have read too much into certain things, which caused horrible results. I have had to hide identities (because everyone googles you when you go in for a job interview) in order to be honest and I have had to sensor more than I would like. I have had to struggle with my audience and with being harshly judged. I am not the best writer and I have so many struggles with those inadequacies (particularly my grammar and my spelling). It is never easy to do something you may love but are not good at. I have struggled with my honesty putting maybe too much of myself in a public forum. I have had to question why I am writing and my online presence as well as my husbands, my child’s, my friends presences. I spend hours taking photos, editing photos, writing and rewriting. Sometimes when it all seems hard I wonder if I should make this a private space, just me and my journal without any readers, but I cannot hide this light and I cannot bury this joy of blogging.

In the end after weighing everything I come to the simple truth that I love blogging. I cannot and will not stop because blogging, reflecting, writing, my photography, my love of the internet, connecting with myself in my honesty and connecting with others because of what I write here is so fabulous. Not to mention the nostalgic road I get to be on when I go back and can see where I was, how far I have come. I can visit trips and sorrows and challenges and get a better idea of the big picture. That life is messy and beautiful and that my life is documented here in glorious black and white.


I have only been writing for 6 years, and I am so proud of myself for that. My original goal was a year and I am so over the moon that I have stuck with it. Now I cannot imagine my life without my blog. It is such a part of my every day journey. My only regret is that I waited so long to do this. I have handwritten journals scattered around in memory bins but nothing as concrete or as wonderful as this space.


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paul peggy zeus said...

up to the sky, over the moon and back again. You will cherish this blog and all your efforts forever.

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