Friday, November 29, 2013

Louisville: Visiting the Galt House

Mr. Rogue and my parents both flew out this morning. My brother Mr. Lambchop had to work so that left my sister-in-law, nephew and my Little Cricket at the house. But we are not house people in the least so Mrs. Lambchop offered some suggestions and we decided to visit the Galt House and see some pretty Christmas displays downtown.


What we didn’t realize is that downtown was also setting up for their big light up the city party later in the evening. We were early enough not to have to deal with traffic and people flooding the city for the party later in the evening but we still had to deal with all the closed streets for the people setting up the stuff. We ended up finally finding parking pretty close by and just had a few short blocks to walk to get to the hotel. It was cold but at least it was a beautiful morning.





Finally we arrived at the Galt house and it was full to the brim with fantastic Christmas Displays. I was surprised at how large it was. There was room after room of awesomeness; large tent like material that was shaped into giant statues, miniature houses and green screen sled rides and tiny animatronics. It was enough to make my head spin. As an extra bonus we got there just before the huge rush. We were able to wander the halls with very little traffic and we even got to see the choir perform for the local new station.









Afterwards we were starving. Mrs. Lambchop took us over to a really cool local place that reminded me a lot of Royal Oak, a cool trendy town where I grew up. There were so many pizzas that looked good that we decided to split two; a shitake mushroom and a basil tomato Parmesan crusted deliciousness that was simply out of this world.



When we got home, tired from a long day out we put the kids to bed and then kicked back to watch a movie. We saw the Bird Cage, a movie I had never seen before but the Mrs. Lambchop said was incredible. It was an oldie with Robin Williams, totally hilarious, just what we needed to end the evening right.


Jennifer Arens said...

That was a remarkable day!

paul peggy zeus said...

Love the candy cane hallway. What an incredible house. Louisville has so much to offer.

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