Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Louisville: Snowing, Santa, Family & a Comedy Club

This morning Mr. Rogue and I woke up bright and early to head over from our hotel to the Lambchop’s. I was so super excited when on the way over it started to snow. Sure they were just a few little fat snowflakes swirling around but it sure made this California girl happy!




Today we decided to take the kids in to see Santa. I really want to get a photo every year of my little Cricket on Santa’s lap and I thought it would be cute to get the cousins together. We were anticipating a line seeing as many had off for Thanksgiving week but the mall was pretty quiet and Santa’s little booth was empty. My Little Cricket fills me with so much joy. I always knew I wanted to be a mother and I knew I would love my baby but my world has been altered in such a positive life changing way.






After seeing Santa we stopped by some extended family for a quick visit. My mother’s family is vast and pretty much anyplace you move she can find a family member close by! My mom was in heaven having her two grandsons with her. That is a smile of true joy.


I was super excited for this evening. My mom and dad watched the grand babies while us kids went out to a comedy club. I haven’t been to see a comedy skit in several years, what a treat! Tonight was a battle of various comedians which I loved. Sometimes a comedian’s style I don’t really find funny, with several comedians going on with shorter skits I found I loved quite a few. We got to vote which we liked the best and after the performances were over they tallied the scores to give out the awards to the best. The place was packed when we got there, so we got sat a little in the back but we still had a great view of the stage. Laughter really is the best mood booster ever!






Jennifer Arens said...

You make everything so pretty :-)

paul peggy zeus said...

It was great to see my cousin. I hadn't seen her in years. Loved to watch the kids, we had so much fun!

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