Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

I have been traveling quite a bit. It’s for several reasons actually. First while I was pregnant, since I was considered high risk, my OBGYN told me to limit all traveling especially air travel. I get a little antsy if I don’t get to go. I have to wander, I have to roam, I have to see new things and meet new people and go. If I am locked down too long I get restless but there was nothing that I couldn’t give up at least for a short time to make sure I had a healthy baby. My past months of traveling, since my Little Cricket has been born, is the backlash of that restraint.

Since I want to go so much I also wanted people to meet my Little Cricket. I took him to see his grandmas, his great grandma, friends and family and then my husband and I went on a vacation. I might almost say that I am traveled out but that would be a lie. I do love returning home after being away but I know in a few weeks I will start wanting to plan my next adventure.

I also am terrified of slowing down. I figured if I started how I meant to go on with my Little Cricket than a pattern would be established. People ask me all the time how it is traveling so much with a baby and I reply not bad. It is because that is our normal, we don’t know any other way. We go and we deal with life how it is. I was worried if I stayed home not only would I get bored but we could potentially get lazy and cry off on having adventures because it was easier just to stay home. So we go, and we fly, we take the path that may be a little harder but we also LIVE.

Lastly I plan on starting to try for baby #2 shortly and with that pregnancy I know will come the traveling restrictions again. I will be locked at home for months. I figured the extra adventures in between pregnancies will help me from going crazy when the time comes again to give it up for a while.


So as we take off, the temperature in Detroit a chilly 22 degrees I cannot help but crave my husband’s arms, my comfy home, my cosy bed, my sweet furry babies, an easier few weeks of calm at home and temperatures reaching the 80s. And when I get a tiny bit sad that my Thanksgiving fun is now over I remember that we are heading out again in two weeks for our Christmas/New Year adventure! I revel in the chaos.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Traveling seems to be in our blood. It's just something we do.

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