Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Getting That Santa Photo Done… Again

Tomorrow my little family leaves for North Carolina, Charlotte& Athens for our two week Christmas/New Years trip. We have only been home two weeks from our last trip to Louisville, Indianapolis and Ann Arbor.. I am still tired from our last trip and recent sickness. I need to get over this feeling of being tired ALL the time. I keep waiting for it to go away, my Little Cricket is 7 months after all, but I am just not catching up. I am coming to the realization that I may just never catch up again, or at least not for another 20 years. Reality is a cruel necessity.

Anyways we leave tomorrow and I have an appointment today to get my hair done. Mrs. Dancer offered to watch my Little Cricket, so not only do I get my hair done I also get a little break from the baby. I may or may not have fallen asleep in the chair while she was shampooing my hair. I think I was actually in mid-sentence when I dozed off. Ahhh the awesomeness of being a new mom.

When I got back to the house Mrs. Dancer and I decided we had enough energy to go out to see Santa. You see I made a newbie mommy mistake. My Little Cricket and I went to see Santa last month but I dressed the poor kid in a red sweater. Seems logical right, it was a Christmas sweater, red is christmasy… it would be perfect. Oh how wrong I was. Sadly the red sweater blended in with Santa’s merry red suit. So I ended up with a photo of my baby that made him look like his head was floating. That coupled with the fact that once you did notice my little ones body you then noticed the uncomfortable arm position he had and it added up to not being my favorite photo. I will treasure it anyways because the cousins are together on Santa’s lap and it is my Little Crickets first photo with Santa. However I knew we could do better.


So I did some research. We had gotten lucky with the first photo at finding a pretty authentic looking Santa… but some of these Santa’s are just downright creepy looking. Plus if I was being really critical, and since I was going through the effort of getting another photo taken, I would have also liked to have a better looking background for my Santa photo. I finally found a great Santa and it was near my house. Today was the last day I could go get the photo taken since we were leaving tomorrow so we headed to Santa Monica.




I was expecting a really long line. It was after all getting pretty close to Christmas and the Santa Monica mall is always packed with people. There was only one couple finishing up with their baby when we got there. A total of a two minute wait… love it. Once we got my little guy, in his non-red outfit on Santa’s lap of course he wouldn’t cooperate. My Little Cricket just sat there, he wouldn’t smile, he wouldn’t look at the camera, even the squeaky toy the photographer was using wasn’t working. I was super worried that we weren’t going to get a good photo. And then… finally… my Little Cricket looked at Santa and we got the cutest little photo ever. I LOVE IT. And my Little Cricket didn’t cry a peep. Success!



Afterwards Mrs. Dancer and I got lunch and then we wandered around shopping. Before we knew it it was past 6. Thankfully I was already all ready and packed for our trip tomorrow but it was time to head home to get my Little Cricket to bed and so I could put up my feet. What a long day!



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