Monday, December 2, 2013

Ann Arbor: Story Time as an Art Form

We woke up this morning rather late. I came downstairs and was given the option of having a leisurely breakfast or heading to the local library for a little interactive story time. Although I would have much rather been lazy I forced myself to choose the story time option. Why waste a perfectly good day cooped up being lazy when there was a possible adventure to be had. Of course choosing to go meant we had to leave the house in 10 minutes, it was a down and dirty dash out the door. I managed to brush my teeth and get my Little Cricket into a clean diaper and outfit but everything else was kinda just chucked together, including my uncombed quaff.

We got the kids in the carseat and I jump into the car. Mrs. Bitch dashes into the house and she returns with a diet coke and a Tupperware of brownies… my breakfast of champions. I FRIGGIN LOVE this girl! Just when I thought my morning couldn’t get any better and the garage lifted. Not only was our mad dash to get out the door successful, I also had an amazing breakfast AND there was snow on the ground. Sure it was only a dusting and of course it was gone by the time we returned home but I WAS so happy. In that moment life felt fantastic, all because I picked the harder option. Choosing the path and seeing the good in it, that is what life is about.



We arrived at the library and walked into the classroom just as they were starting. I really had no idea WHAT to expect. Sure I have been around kids and done lots of fun things with them but I have never been to a story time. There were a ton of people and once we found our bells and our seat I sat back and got transported. I am a sucker for all things magical and there is nothing better than a great performer no matter what the content. This woman was dynamic and she had us sing songs and move to the music.


The singing transitioned into story time. And story time was an interactive art piece that she turned into a true art form. Her platform was a large board covered in corduroy and then pieces of felt art that she made that could be moved around on it. Basically she took a book; designed art based on the book and then told the story in such a way that entranced us all. I am so in love with this board moving book idea and I cannot wait until my Little Cricket is a little older and we can do one together as a project. Art, stories and creating are passions I hope to instill in my children and this kind of thing is right up my alley.


After story time I spent a good 15 minutes picking the brains of the teacher while the other kids played. There were a ton of toys and then more songs with a large parachute the kids played under. To end the hour we sang twinkle twinkle with little lights.


It was obvious that my Little Cricket was a little young for something like this but in another six months I can totally see us going to a weekly fun activity like my friend and her son do. The joys of having a little child I cannot wait.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Cricket looks like he's concentrating so hard in that last photo. I can so see you doing a story board like that for him.

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