Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Stolen Stitch

Apparently people don’t have a problem with stealing photos. It started off with a little site called Gone to Ground, a man was trying to describe why you should buy a better brush, how the tools do matter when you are trying to do anything. He used a story about his wife trying to sew and failing to support his story, and to add a visual he used the photo of me… jokingly being frustrated using someone else’s machine at midnight trying to sew Mrs. Dancer’s programs for her wedding in two days!


Then Buzz Feed wrote an article “13 Skills your Grandparents Had That You Don’t” and used my photo from the Gone to Ground site and sourcing them with the image. They used my image for number 9. Knowing how to sew more than a button. With the caption

“If you look at Etsy you would think everyone knows how to sew, right? Wrong. Your grandparents could hem their own pants, make dresses, sew curtains, etc. Now it’s a miracle if you can thread a needle without poking your finger a million times and bleeding to death.”

The funny thing is, aside from using my photo without permission or even using the correct source, is that I actually know how to sew. I have sewn Halloween costumes, I have fixed the hem on a pair of pants when it ripped, I did sew an apron and I sewed all the curtains in my last house as well as this one.

Anyways I would have never known ANY of this without Mrs. Bulldog. She facebooked me that there was a photo of me in an article and then sent the link. And then just to be sure I knew she was serious she let me know that this was not spam.

I have to be honest I was a little creeped out seeing my photo used. I know putting my photos online poses a risk of others using them, and frankly you have to be ok with that because people will use your images. Anyways I simply sent an email to both Buzz Feed and the crazy Gone to Ground hobby guy who started this whole thing in the first place. I politely asked for my photo to be taken down… we will see what happens.

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Now that is one angry face.

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