Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Little Shopping, Some Little Shoes

I was feeling a little better and a ton stir crazy from being sick and sitting around the house so much so when Mrs. Dancer suggested a little shopping and some lunch I jumped at the chance to go! We went down to the Santa Monica mall. Its not one that I go to often so I wasn’t prepared when we walked into Nordstroms for the BABY shoe section. You see I love shoes, and generally I need to chant to myself that I don’t need any when I walk by the shoe section. But normally I am at a mall I know and can be mentally prepared to resist. So we walked in, I saw the baby shoes and without thought I walked over and squealed over and over in delight. I could have bought every single little boy pair but I didn’t. I was proud of myself when I had my Little Cricket measured and then I only purchased one pair. Just one super adorable, highly awesome blue little baby Uggs. After all it will be really really cold on the east coast when we visit for Christmas and I wouldn’t want my sweet little babies feet to fall off from the cold. Besides I LOVE them!



After we headed to the women’s department to find clothes for us, which was the whole reason for our journey to the mall. My Little Cricket is awesome in his stroller, he doesn’t mind it at all which is fortunate because we are often going. However when I can I like to give him a break when he has been in there for a while. We ended up in the handicap room with our hundreds of things to try on. So trying to give him a break I spread out my blanket on the floor and My Little Cricket just hung out, he loved the three mirrors and he was super awesome the entire time we were trying stuff on. I have the best baby in the world… I am convinced.



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paul peggy zeus said...

Those were super cute, more like a slipper than a shoe, seemed really comfy.

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