Friday, November 15, 2013

The Week in Moments: Six Months Old - 26 Weeks

This week we started you on solids. It was a production. Daddy took out the high chair and I cleaned it off. I mashed up a banana with a little breast milk and daddy got the camera recorder all ready. Just like everything you neither loved it nor hated it. You had this expression of deep thinking that you get, and its funny because I see this same expression on your fathers face often. So far you have only tried the banana and then cantaloupe, you seem to like the banana but the cantaloupe is defiantly not your favorite. More gets all over you than inside of you but I realize that this is a learning experience. Your father cannot wait to give you hot sauce; I will try to hold him off as long as possible.




I have found over the week that you seem to like eating yourself out of the mesh bag than you do me feeding you purees with the spoon. I keep thinking I might try baby lead weaning but I am nervous. For now we will stick with the purees and just hope that you get the hang of it better. All and all a pretty good first experience with food.








It is officially fall in LALA land. The tree in front of our house changed colors and started dropping leaves. There aren’t many trees in LALA land that change color; I am super excited that one of the few is on our front lawn. Of course since I love fall so much I couldn’t resist a photo shoot outside in all those colorful leaves, plus I wanted you to try on your new sweater. You are growing out of most of your 3-6 month old clothes and into your new 6-12 month stuff just in time for the cooler weather. I love all the beautiful sweaters.







You are moving into an age where diaper changes and wardrobe changes are becoming much more difficult. Change your diaper, change your clothes, you want none of it. It would be easier wrestling an alligator, and I know it is only going to get worse… so much worse. Good thing that you are still little, at least for now. Soon I will be changing you on the floor while pining you down… that is going to be fun.






Lately I have been spreading a large blanket on the family room floor for my Little Cricket. With a dog and since Mr. Rogue and I wear our shoes around the house all the time, coupled with the fact that my Little Cricket is putting everything in his mouth, I found the rug to just be too dirty. With the blanket I can put it in the wash every other day and have a much cleaner surface for the baby.







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paul peggy zeus said...

I'd say a good first try with solids. Looks like he will take after you with the "me do" and after his daddy with his intense expressions. Love all the photos especially the one with his eyes looking up and his mouth wide open~ and that hat is just too adorable on him!

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