Friday, November 22, 2013

The Week in Moments: 27 Weeks Old

So you still continue to wear more of your meals than you actually eat. This week we tried oatmeal, apples and today a hunk of cauliflower. The oatmeal you tolerated the apples you seemed to like and then not like and the cauliflower didn’t go over so well. But I don’t really blame you for that, who really likes cauliflower. Although I am getting a little frustrated how hard it is to get you to eat we still we keep trying, eventually you will get the knack of it. Until then persistence is key.






Although you have been playing with the dog for quite some time now you finally just noticed the cat. Mostly because Seurat has been pretty leary about being in the same room with you. Today as I was washing dishes I peeked over and saw that you two were checking each other out. SO CUTE!


You have so many cute faces that make us smile but our favorite is your old man face. It is hilarious and has your father and I laughing so hard every single time. You wrinkle your brow and then pucker your lips. Although not a great photo I managed to capture 'the face'. Ahhhh you light up my life buddy.




I was worried, and then trying to talk myself out of worrying only to worry more about your hip x-ray results. Apparently all that worry was for nothing. Your results, thank goodness, came back perfectly normal. Although you are still rocking the lump and bruise due to an allergy on your leg from the shots it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse, which means that hopefully soon it will start getting better. You did get a slight fever also from yoru shots. Nothing too major and I gave you a dose of medicine but you were so miserable that I decided to break my rule of having babies in our bed. We snuggled all night you were so content and you really calmed down.





I have been working with you on sitting. Right now you are rocking the tripod pose which is just the cutest thing ever. I still have to spot you though, more often than not you will lose your balance and topple right over.


You are getting so curious. Everything is new and amazing. As you are filled with wonder and delight I see so much with new eyes. I knew I was going to love being a mom but I didn’t know I would love it to such an all-encompassing level that I do. You are the best part of every single day. Love you Cricket!











Jennifer Arens said...

He is just beautiful and awesome!

paul peggy zeus said...

The food, he wore it more that ate it. The tripod, so adorable, The pucker shot, my fav, oh wait! look at that long tongue! Your smile is infectious~ that one's my favorite. Wait, YOU are my favorite, and all the photos you take.

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