Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mommy Group Session 2: Class 11

This week in class we talked about so many things. In the first part of the session where we bring up concerns or challenges we are having I talked about my Little Crickets constant drool rash that seems to be getting worse. My instructor recommended Aquaphor or coconut oil. So I will be trying both of those this week.

What I didn’t know about parenting is that babies sleep in random patterns. Naively I thought getting your baby sleeping through the night would be the hardest thing, but in reality you have to get them to sleep through the night again and again and again and again. Its like some sick form of groundhogs day. Get baby to sleep through the night, only to have them learn some monumental thing, baby cannot sleep through the night because they keep practicing said thing, which leaves you trying to get your baby to sleep through the night again.


Recently some of the kids in the class are learning to sit and stand. Which means that parents are finding their little babies sitting or standing at the rails of the crib screaming instead of sleeping. Although sitting and standing are more developmental markers to be happy about, like when our little ones started rolling over, this new skill interrupts a babies ability to sleep. My instructor said that a good majority of the time they are crying because they don’t know how to be back down. So the goal in going in is to help them learn how to lay down from their new position (sitting, standing). We were told to pat their bottom, pat the bed, pat their bottom and then pat the bed and then help your child find their seat. Only after they are sitting then gently helping them lay down. We were told to go in a few times and go through this process each time. Finally on the last visit to explain that this is the last time mommy is coming in to help you and that it is time for sleep. Then we were told to let them cry.

I just cannot do it. It is torture to have my little one sobbing. I waited so long to have a baby and this child is so PRECIOUS that I don’t mind going in again and again if that is what it takes. Our little babies are only young for such a short amount of time. A little more personal sacrifice in my opinion is part of being a good mom.

We also talked about gift giving. To encourage family and friends to give more discovery toys. Toys that foster imagination, exploration and problem solving rather than just throwing a bunch of batteries and blinking lights at them. I don’t mind a few battery toys in my house but old fashioned wooden toys are my favorite.


Lastly we talked about how much more difficult changing our ever more active little ones diapers and clothes. We were told to try to engage them with a toy or a song, have them help when they are older by allowing them to pull out the tabs on the diaper, and just getting faster ourselves with changing. I was also able to share the leg pinning technique I learned in the daycare. Change a baby on the floor, one of your legs goes over the child and across their chest while you change their diaper. Essentially you are pinning your little one down but it really helps.

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paul peggy zeus said...

So many quirky little tidbits you pick up from this mommy group. A leg over the baby while you change their diaper, I never thought of that one.

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