Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mommy Group Session 2: Class 10

I got to class super early today, mostly because LALA land traffic is such a crazy mystery. I put my Little Cricket down like normal and after playing for a short while he took off. A few minutes later he is on the other side of the room happy as can be without looking back. My little man… I think he is going to be fiercely independent like I was as a baby. Lord help me.


My mommy class children range in a three month age range. My son is the youngest by two weeks. Most of the moms therefore have started their babies on solids but two of us (me and the other youngest baby) both started solids this week. Right now my Little Cricket is still tongue thrusting the food I give him out of his mouth, a reflex that is very useful when a baby might be facing a choking hazard but not so helpful in trying to teach a child to eat.

Regardless both the other mom and I are making homemade food, something that is super easy to do. With all of the recalls this week on two of the top organic options (Plum Organics and Earths Best) I am so happy I decided on this route. I was using my Vitamix and making large batches to freeze but he eats so little right now and I realize that fresh is best. I therefore switched over to using an Emulsification blender which is perfect for small batches. Right now I am mixing breast milk to make the purees smoother but we were talking about making a homemade chicken broth with no salt that would be good as well. When I find time I will have to get a baby friendly broth made, right now all my stored broth has salt in it because mama likes her salt.

A few of the moms in the class are doing baby lead weaning. Basically giving babies larger pieces of food and letting them gum what they can off of it or giving the child a smaller chewable piece to gum on themselves. Although I am nervous about choking from the research baby lead weaning is growing in popularity and is generally safe.


We also talked about getting the flu shot for our little ones. According to the American Pediatrics blocked air passageways is the number one reason for babies under 2 deaths. Since the flu attacks the air passageways both my instructor and my pediatrician recommend that I get the flu shot (so I can pass my more mature antibodies to my baby through breastfeeding) but also that my Little Cricket get a flu shot as well. Since we are traveling for both Thanksgiving and Christmas I am opting to get the flu shot for both of us. I am not a huge fan of the chemicals and unnatural things that are in the list of ingredients for the shot however sometimes, like in this case, the positives outweigh the negatives.

Lastly as we were getting ready to clean up for the day I got to share my knowledge of traveling, and traveling with a baby to a few of our members. With being a travel agent and already having taken a few trips with my little one I was able to give quite a few pointers which I thought I would share here.

1. When I book my plane ticket, if I don’t book a separate ticket for my son and I am trying to get an empty seat for him, I get a window seat for me and an aisle seat for my husband near the back of the plane. If the plane is full a person in a center seat will always switch with an aisle or window. People when booking their ticket will always choose an aisle or window first. If they have to choose a center seat they will most often pick something as close to the front as they can. So when I am trying to snag a free seat for my kid the back of the plane is my best bet.
2. I get to the airport a good 2 and a half hours early. It takes a ton of extra time with all the stuff. Also by getting to your gate an hour and a half early and talking to the gate agent you can sometimes get people moved. The gate agent will usually only move people who haven’t gotten to the airport yet aka why you need to get there early. Also first come first served so you need to beat anyone else who may be trying to get an extra seat for their baby. All you have to tell them is that you did not purchase a seat for your little one but that you have their car seat and would appreciate if they could possibly try to get an extra seat for you. A good majority of the time there are extra seats.
3. I take my stroller with the car seat attached all the way to the gate. If I can get a seat I just gate check the stroller, but if I don’t end up with a seat they will gate check both pieces. As an added bonus I can use the stroller to carry all my extra stuff. Babies come with so much baggage.
4. I pack a few essentials in my carry on. A neck pillow is awesome. Sometimes the gate agent doesn’t know if a seat will be available so they make you check your car seat and they try to get you an extra seat. If you do end up with the extra seat but without the car seat you can use the horse-shoe neck pillow with a blanket draped over it as the perfect headrest for your little ones head. Also as an added bonus it doubles as a smaller nursing pillow.
5. I also bring my baby carrier. If the plane is booked and I don’t end up getting a seat for my baby it makes it much easier to hold your little one through a long flight.
6. Lastly I wear black, because you can spill, get spit up on, get dirty in it and it still holds up well. I also bring an extra change of clothes for myself and my little one and a garbage bag in case there is a huge mess I need to clean up or store clothes in.

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