Monday, November 25, 2013

Louisville: Getting to the Derby

I was super excited to finally get together with my family this Thanksgiving. The past few years we have had scheduling difficulties and its sad to say that we haven’t all been together for Christmas or Thanksgiving in six years. Unfortunately I couldn’t schedule a direct flight… there wasn’t one from LA directly to Louisville. Getting to the airport, through security, dragging all the baby stuff on the plane and trying to keep my Little Cricket entertained is hard enough… to add in changing planes in under an hour just added insult to injury. Traveling with a baby is hard, sure it is, but I love going to new places so much that I refuse to give in to the difficulties. Instead I am thankful, thankful that we can travel, that we are healthy enough too, and that we live in a time and age where I can jump on a plane and see loved ones. In a few months I am not going to remember the grueling day of travel there and back, instead I will remember all the treasured memories.





Of course going from a sunny 72 degrees to a cloudy 27 degrees was a shock. I know I grew up in Michigan. I lived in Pittsburgh. I am no stranger to cold… I actually like it. However usually when you live somewhere with seasons you get a gradual introduction to the cooler weather. At least we are only visiting the cold… hello for the week cold. Next week we will be back home and back to the sunshine. I just really hope it snows because if I have to deal with the cold I may as well see some snow people!


We stopped by just to check into the hotel and haul in the bags before heading over to my brothers. I knew once we saw everyone we would want to stay late, and it had already been a long long day. This way we when we were ready to go to bed it wouldn’t be a huge hassle. As soon as we walked into my brothers house it was hugs all around and baby nabbing. My parents were already there, we were the last to arrive. My sister-in-law, Mrs. Lambchop told me once that when you are a mom you are just the chauffer for the baby… my mom does try very hard to make sure that I am not totally ignored but who can resist adorable adorableness. My Little Cricket was barley put down all week and he loved it.


Mr. Rogue and I really didn’t eat much for most of the day. Thankfully Mrs. Lambchop made soup. Not any soup… the most amazing soup in the whole wide world. A sausage cream based cheese tortellini deliciousness that I cannot wait to go home and make. Since we arrived so late everyone else had already eaten and there was exactly enough for Mr. Rogue and I. I could have easily eaten a hundred more bowls. In fact it was so good we continued to talk about it all week. And yes don’t worry I will post her recipe soon.


After soup there was cake, yummy chocolaty homemade cake. Mrs. Lambchop is a kick butt cook and a kick butt baker. It was nice to just sit back and relax.


We left late for our hotel. I was beyond exhausted but I had to unpack, I had to bathe the baby, feed him, change him, put him to bed, grab a shower for myself and then start wrapping. I went to bed well after 2am. I was thankful for the 3 hour time change when I went to bed… getting up with a 3 hour time change however would be another story.



Jennifer Arens said...

It should be standard to double the recipe Lol! I had a lovely week with ya'll!

paul peggy zeus said...

I had to laugh that we both ran home and made that soup the same night! Great minds think alike. We had it again tonight. SOOOO good!!

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