Monday, November 18, 2013

Hip Appointment

So a few days ago and my Little Crickets 6 month wellness checkup my doctor pointed out a small red flag. Apparently my little one has leg fat that isn’t symmetrical. Its weird right, but apparently leg fat sits on top of muscle, which sits on top of bone. Asymmetry in leg fat could be an indicator of a hip problem. My doctor couldn’t feel or see anything wrong with my babies hips and wasn’t too concerned, however to rule out 100% that there isn’t a problem she wanted me to take him to get x-rayed.


A small part of me balked at getting my baby x-rays. Subjecting him to the radiation just for something that was probably nothing seemed silly. Doctors love to refer you all over the place and it was going to be a pain to go. However on the slight chance that there is something wrong I have to go. I rationalized that we have amazing insurance and that knowing now, when he is young and has the best chance of fixing a hip problem, is better than not.



After getting his x-ray done, which ended up being much easier and more painless process than I thought, I decided to stop at my pediatricians. Two days after getting my Little Crickets immunization shots a large welt and bruise has sprung up on my babies leg. I emailed my pediatrician since it was the weekend to ask about it and although I was assured that it was ok it had gotten worse. Just to be sure, and for my own peace of mind that there wasn’t something horribly wrong, we went.


Although the welt was larger than my pediatrician originally thought it would be it is a normal side effect. Either my Little Cricket is allergic to the flu shot he received or it is a common reaction to the tetanus shot. I was a little aggravated, and I am not sure if it was at myself or at my doctor that the shots weren’t mapped so we would know for sure. It didn’t even occur to me before to map them, and thankfully this is a mild reaction, but I still want to know what happened to my baby. From now on I will be mapping all his shots.

The good news is that it will go away on its own and that he doesn’t need any antibiotics or steroids. It might take up to two months, but my Little Cricket will be just fine.

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paul peggy zeus said...

That's weird about the baby fat not being symmetrical. I didn't know that.

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