Sunday, November 24, 2013

BBBS 66: Bowling and the Olive Garden

Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed by my calendar and juggling my new and old responsibilities and being a new mom and trying to keep my relationship with my husband strong and getting ready for the holidays along with all the traveling we have been doing. Sadly I have been ignoring the need to hang out with my Little. I do not want to give up the match but my free time is becoming more and more precious. I have found myself over the months having an internal, or with friends, debate about how I should take out my little this weekend only to talk myself out of going. My excuses were legitimate but I can do anything I put my mind too so I knew I was just being lame. After some serious soul searching I decided that I do still want to be in the program. I love this little girl and her family to pieces. I have been with them for five years and giving up now would not only make her feel abandoned but it would also go against my reason for joining the program in the first place. I want her to still be in my life, so I need to renew my effort to spend time with her.

With that in mind yesterday I worked double time to get everything done for our trip to Louisville (we are leaving early tomorrow morning) so I could clear up a few hours today to see my little. It wasn’t ideal and I was exhausted but I just did it. I called her, we made a plan and I went. Originally we were going to go get our nails done but the girls decided they wanted to go bowling instead. So much for killing two birds with one stone, I cannot take my Little Cricket to the nail salon and I don’t have time to go after. Bowling though is one of their favorite things to do, thankfully I love it too.



After bowling I took them to the Olive Garden, I have been trying to get them exposed to different foods… aka anything other than McDonalds which is all they seem to want to eat. Over lunch at a real restaurant we talked about manners, both girls tried Alfred for the first time and fell in love, and we talked about college. Since my Little’s family moved from Compton (which is a terrible area in LALA land) to a better area much further from the city both girls have been doing much better in school. Now that they are in High School college is something that I want them to start thinking about now. My greatest wish is that both girls graduate college and do well.


Just before we started to get to the point where the girls were losing interest in the conversation about school it was time to go. On the way home we stopped at the gas station. I let Ms. Little use my credit card and I showed her again how to pump gas. WHAT it’s a life skill.


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You'd get anyone to pump your gas! lol

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