Friday, October 18, 2013

The Week in Moments: Five Months Old - 22 Weeks

Like any new mom I am totally obsessed about your sleeping. So far you are not sleeping fantastic at night. You will give me four hours and then wake up two or sometimes if I am really unlucky three times in the night to eat. During the day you are the best napper in the world, so I guess I really cannot complain. But after five months of sleep deprivation I am so READY for more consistent sleep at night.


Yesterday I went to our Mommy Group and inevitably I ended up talking before class with the other moms about your too often nighttime feedings. I didn’t want to cut any of them out, you were obviously hungry, I just figured I would have to wait until you got a little bigger and a little older. But the problem kept spinning around in my head all day until I had an epiphany. I decided to try and buffer your feedings. As in feeding you before and after your nighttime routine instead of just after. I also did the same thing when you woke up. I fed you, and then I changed your diaper to wake you up, and then I fed you some more. And you know what IT WORKED. You only woke up once that night, I got 9 hours of sleep with only one interruption. It was amazing. In essence you were eating the same amount of time, I was just squeezing it into a smaller window. Of course it has only been one night so we will see.




Last weekend I finally got you sleeping back in your bassinet. We were relying quite heavily on the swing and I was just too tired to wrestle with you on that one. And now that you are ok with the bassinet again it is time to get you into your own room. Up until now you have been sleeping in the bassinet right next to my side of the bed. But today we decided to move you to your own room. To make it easier daddy moved the air purifier in your room so it will sound the same and you are still sleeping in the bassinet; you are just sleeping in it, in your crib. We are doing this so you have a few transitional days to get used to your room. By the end of next week I hope you will officially be sleeping in your crib. Sniff, I am probably going to end up watching the monitor all night long, I am a nervous wreck but you are officially just too big for the bassinet so I don’t have a choice.

My mommy brain still persists and I keep forgetting the simplest things. A few days ago when we were getting out of the car I was distracted by a phone call, and then I had to get you and all your stuff in the house. I couldn’t for the LIFE OF ME figure out what I did with your binky. I was in a panic because you love the one that is attached to the giraffe and it was the only one I had. I must have looked for 15 minutes before I realized I had tucked it away in a safe place so it wouldn’t get dirty. MOM WIN!


Your green poop continues, yup talking about poop again, how far I have fallen. I am just perplexed why it is still here. I called the pediatrician again however since it isn’t black, red or white I was told you are fine. I have cut dairy completely out of my diet to see if that makes it go away. It’s been almost two weeks with no change.



We are doing so well together my little boy. Every week brings a new joy and a new skill. You are starting to scoot around everywhere and soon baby gates will be up. Your smile lights up my entire day. I am so thankful you smile often, when I am feeling particularly tired you are always there smiling and it makes me feel so much better. You and me buddy, we are a team and I adore you!










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