Friday, November 8, 2013

The Week in Moments: 25 Weeks Old

You have officially learned to shimmy. Now a shimmy isnt exactly a crawl, a shimmy is right before the crawl, it is an inelegant propelling yourself forward… I am scared. Sure you have been rolling, but rolling is different than moving forward. Thank goodness the worker came over who is making our baby gates for the stairwell and to block off the great room and I finally got an appointment with the baby proofing company to lock up the kitchen cabinets. Sure I have a couple weeks maybe even a month before you are officially crawling but I would rather it be done before then.

I feel like you are too tiny, too big too tiny. It is really weird. You are growing so fast, you are growing out of your clothes and out of some of your toys and overflowing my arms but then sometimes I look at how little you really are.

Ever since I blocked out the windows with trash bags (don’t judge) a few days ago you have been sleeping SO WELL. It is the most awesome thing ever. Seriously I don’t even know what to do with you when you sleep this much. I still haven’t enjoyed the sleep because I keep running in to check on you, of course you are fine, you are just sleeping.



I left you with your father for a whole day for the first time and I had such a hard time deciding to go. I had so much fun but missed you so terribly. You and daddy did great, well at least you both survived. I have been trying to keep a handle on my need to try to micromanage everything. Instead I am learning that I have my way my husband has his. So I am just thankful that although everything didn’t get done my way, it did get done. My only complaint is that I came home to two missing socks and a missing leg warmer. A sock and the leg warmer has shown up but I am still missing that one sock. It drives me crazy, why I have no idea, in the grand scheme of things it is just a sock. I blame my hormones.

My favorite part of the day is when I come to get you in the morning. I am not a morning person but you, you are all happy and smiles in the morning. When I walk into your room all tired and groggy you great me with squeals of delight. You start my day off the best possible way ever. Its like sunshine and rainbows.




I thought for a moment I was starting to lose my mind from sleep deprivation. I kept hearing you cry when you were OBVIOUSLY not crying. I googled it and apparently it is pretty normal. I am hearing phantom cries and they are starting to get out of control.


Scenario 1: I am in the shower taking a few minutes for myself when I hear my Little Cricket crying. I jump out of the shower, grab a towel and dash into his room. He is happily playing with his toys and I am left feeling confused with shampoo dripping in my eye because I was SURE he was crying. And yes I shower with the baby monitor right there, I was also convinced it wasn’t working because I could HEAR HIM. But no it was just a phantom cry.

Scenario 2: I am driving and listening to the radio when I start to hear frantic cries. I peek in my rear-view mirror and FREAK OUT for a split second before I remember that I left the baby at home, with my husband. But no it was just a phantom cry.

Scenario 3: It is in the middle of the night and I am suddenly fully awake convinced that my baby is crying and cannot breathe. I dash into his room and start shaking him waking him up and causing actual crying. He was fine, he was just sleeping. (This one is happening often but now instead of whipping him awake I just put my hand on his back and feel the relief flood over me with each little breath he takes). It was just a phantom cry.

I am hoping these cries cut it out soon. It is really disturbing to hear something that is not there.



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phantom cries, what next? keep posted and read on. . .

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