Friday, November 1, 2013

The Week in Moments: 24 Weeks Old

Yesterday was Halloween, but lets face it I have been celebrating this with you all week and it has been so much fun. Fun Fun Fun covered in super funness. I say this all the time and I will say it a hundred billion times more I am sure; you are such a good baby. It is super easy to take you out and about. You like the car seat, you like the stroller, you like being held and you are totally cool hanging out on a blanket for a while. It makes all the difference in the world because although I cannot go go go like I used to do at least with you being so good I can go a little. It saves my sanity and for that I thank you. Seriously I know every mom says this but you are the best baby EVER.







I am totally bummed at not making your Halloween costume this year. I wanted too but I was just too tired. Almost six months of sleep deprivation has slowed me down considerably. I promise next year I will sew an awesome costume for you, or at least I will try. You though could care less. Costume on, costume off, hand sewn or store bought you just don’t care, and so I care less until all I see are your adorable smiles and giggles and coos.




This week I had an appifiny. In my mom group we were talking about sleeping again and I have been thinking about your 3-4 a night wakings. I need more sleep but I am not ready to cut out a feeding at night. I just cannot let you cry it out and studies show it is better to wait for a solid food until six months. So the problem just kept swirling around in my head. Finally I got an idea and since so much of this parenting is trial and error I decided to give it a go. I put you to bed normally around 7:30-8, our routine has been bath, pajamas, book and then a feed. I then wake you up again for another feed when I go to bed around 10:30. Between 10:30 and 7:30 (when you wake up for the day) you usually wake up twice. Those are the two feedings that were hurting my chances at some solid sleep the worst. So with four feeds you were obviously hungry, my idea was if I could get you to eat four time (aka the same amount of milk) but in a more condensed way. So I clustered your feedings. I added a feeding right before the bedtime routine so you were eating at the beginning and at the end. And then when I woke you up before I went to bed I would feed you, change your diaper to wake you up and then feed you again. With this one change you now only wake once around 4am to eat. Just this one week I have managed to get more than just cat naps and I feel great. Because I am sleeping better at night, I am taking less naps during the day and all around things are looking up!





Your eyes are still blue, a slate grey blue and the center is getting some hints of green. So, since you are almost six months, it looks like your blue eyes are here to stay. I know it is just a little thing but I love how beautiful they are, I love how beautiful you are, one smile from you and I am in rapture.


Lastly this week we got you a jumperoo. I hear that some kids aren’t super thrilled with them but since you seem to like your go-pod so much we decided to try it. Best investment ever. You love that thing. Sure you are a little short for it still, right now we have a pillow wedged under your feet, but the freedom you have to bounce on your own gives you so much joy. I am amazed I get anything done around the house with how much I watch you. You, my Little Cricket, are my new definition of joy


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paul peggy zeus said...

Bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun FUN! He surely loves his new apparatus and will strengthen those little legs. His skeleton outfit is so super cool!

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