Friday, October 25, 2013

The Week in Moments: 23 Weeks Old

This week has been such a huge week for us both. I managed last week to get you sleeping in your bassinet again. For a while there you were boycotting sleeping in anything but your swing. I could have fought you on that one but I was just too tired. Pick your battles they say. So imagine how proud I was of getting you back to sleep in your bassinet. That is I was proud for four days and then you put your little hands on the edge and sat up. AKA that means that the bassinet is no longer safe for you to sleep in. I wasn’t ready for you to move to the crib but you were.

Last weekend your father watched you and I managed to get quite a bit of sleep in. I was worried that if I was super tired then I wouldn’t be able to deal with the stress of transitioning you to your own room. So Monday I put your bassinet in your crib and put you to bed in your own room for the first time. I was a total mess, I stayed glued to the baby monitor all night long worried that you would need me and that I wouldn’t hear you. Even though you were just a room away you felt so far. I went in about a hundred times to make sure you were still breathing and that the room was warm enough. Needless to say I didn’t sleep very well at all. You, you were a champ; you simply fell asleep and slept like nothing had changed. You didn’t even notice that we had made a huge leap here.


After a few days of the bassinet in the crib I placed you into your crib to sleep without the bassinet. I was worried that you would toss and turn in the new environment and I wouldn’t get any sleep that night. But you surprised me again, after about 10 minutes with a few rolls and a little shimmying you slept peacefully. You love to sleep on your stomach or your side, both positions that were impossible in the bassinet. And although sleeping on your stomach makes me worry a little you are sleeping in longer stretches and are obviously more comfortable.

Once I calmed down about the move and relaxed I found myself sleeping much more soundly. Sure you were still waking me up to feed every few hours but I am a very light sleeper, you were no longer waking me up with ever fuss and grunt and snore. By the end of the week I started feeling like a the old me again.



The breathable mesh for the crib I ordered came in on Monday, just in time for your first night in your crib. I have to say the mesh is awesome. You haven’t gotten your arms or legs stuck in the rails once and the tons of binkies I put in your crib at night are staying in the crib and off the floor. I read about putting a bunch of binkies in the crib at night, that way if yours comes out you don’t cry for me to put it back in. You haven’t had any problems finding one.



You are more and more fun every week. Just when I thought that I couldn’t get any happier you smile and the world seems to tilt. I love seeing you grow and gain new skills. This week you are a rolling machine. Sure you have rolled over in the past but now you are rolling two or three times in a row to get ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM. Sure you aren’t crawling yet but rolling to get where you want to go works just as well for now.



You are growing out of your 3-6 month clothes and it is getting colder. Perfect timing for a new fall wardrobe. I am having so much fun buying your clothes and dressing you in adorable little outfits. Of course your style reflects my style for now, but I cannot wait until you develop your own little style of your own. As of now I am loving you in adorable little hoodies. Such a little cutie!



Your dad works a ton of hours but he has been making a huge effort to be home before your bedtime. Whenever you go to be a little early or if he gets stuck a little late he is always super sad that he didn’t get to see you. Both of us knew we wanted kids but you never really know what kind of a parent you are going to be or what kind of a parent your partner is going to be until you have a child. I am so blessed not only to have the most awesome husband for me but also a super great dad for our son. Mr. Rogue isnt like some standoff dads I hear about. He is always offering to help change a diaper or read a book to his little boy. One of my favorite things in the world is to just bask in his love for you.







Lastly, as if this wasn’t long enough already, you like squealing at ear decibel rocking heights. This week however you have started to explore the low range of your voice. Normally you are screeching in a very very high octave but now you are getting pretty low. I talk to you constantly all day and you often will talk back. It makes me smile every single time.


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