Friday, October 11, 2013

The Week in Moments: 21 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket we have been struggling this week you and I. You are like a completely different baby, you are getting crabby, and your time is all messed up, and you are feeding tons and then just when I am about to pull out my hair you transform back to your normal happy self. I know you aren’t doing it on purpose but it feels like you are being so inconsistent just enough to screw with my head.




You are also refusing to sleep in your bassinet which I find weird because you have been sleeping in some really random places without a problem for the past two weeks. I really have no clue as to why your perfectly comfy bassinet is all the sudden your worst nightmare but right now we are trying to deal with it. You cry so hard I just take you out and hold you. Inevitably I am not ready for you to sleep in your crib so I am left putting you in the swing to sleep. The dependency on the swing continues. You win!


I have been reading to you more and more. I love books, I always have and I attribute that love to my mother constantly reading us books and then watching her read books as I grew up reinforced that habit. I want you to love books so you have soft books for playing with on your own and then I have so many board books we are exploring. Just this week I feel like you are more focused on the pages. It seems to me that you are starting to love our story times and I am really getting into character. I love making noises and sounds and pitching my voice so when I read to you it is pretty dynamic. You like to mimic me sometimes and it is just the cutest thing in the entire world. We read at least four books a day – two in the afternoon and then two at night just before bed.







And speaking of books in our bedtime routine you are now LOVING bath time. Over the past two weeks I haven’t had a tub so I have just been giving you sponge baths with a wash cloth. When we got home and back to access to your baby bath you got your first real bath in a while and you went crazy! I filled that little tub and put it on the bathroom counter as usual but you kicked and flailed your arms so much that more than half the water ended up on the floor, on the mirror and on me. You were so happy that I couldn’t get upset. I was laughing right along with you.



You are scooting around so much that I really have to start being uber careful. You aren’t quite propelling yourself forward yet but you are moving (mostly rolling and then turning so you can roll some more). Not only do I need to keep a more watchful eye on you so you don’t get into anything you shouldn’t, at least until we finish baby proofing, it looks like I am also going to have to start cleaning my floors way more often. SIGH. Oh yeah and it got really cold here the past few days and I don’t have any pajamas that are really warm. I ordered a bunch of footed snuggly warm pajamas but until they get here everything is getting paired with leg warmers. Because you know what LEG WARMERS RULE!

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