Friday, October 4, 2013

The Week in Moments: 20 Weeks Old

You are now rocking out tummy time, you are flipping and rolling and causing a ruckus with your adorable little antics and you are filling us with so much joy. You can now roll from your stomach to your back consistently now. It isn’t graceful and you would rather I do it for you but you CAN do it now! Who needs entertainment with a baby around, all we seem to do is just hang out and watch you grow and learn and discover.


We are in Hawaii this week and it has been a whirlwind of sightseeing and restaurants and cars and different places. You have been the best baby ever. You take everything in stride and have been doing great. The past two nights at bedtime you have been struggling, and I don’t blame you one bit, we have been asking you to take on so much and for the most part you are kicking butt. So I throw out all the rules and I rock you to sleep and you are happy. Hey we are all on vacation a little more cuddling than normal to get you to sleep is ok.


The best part of this vacation is that you get to spend so much time with your dad. Since he went back to work he only gets to see you for a half an hour after work and on weekends. This week he has gotten to spend every moment with us and it is so special. The only thing I love more than watching you is watching you and your dad. My heart swells to epic proportions. My favorite scene, when Mr. Rogue and you were playing Peek-a-boo! My two boys, I love you so much!





Just a few days ago you found your tongue and you are sticking it out all over the place. It is all your father and I can do to stop smiling. You crack us up with your smiles and your new little skills. You are the happiest little boy ever.



And now for a billion more photos, because I cannot help myself, and your daddy cannot help himself. Most photographed baby ever!









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