Monday, October 14, 2013

Thank Goodness for Miracles

Over the past two days my little furry old man Rogue is doing so much better. Sure we are not completely out of the woods yet but I have seen a significant improvement. He isn’t eating very well at all, which is worrisome, and he isn’t walking well, but he IS WALKING. Now that the vet pointed out how the spine injury works I can see how it is effecting Rogues walk. His back legs just don't seem to be doing quite what they should be doing. The vet said at this point walking will mostly be by muscle memory. But any type of walking is something to be super grateful. The alternative was unthinkable. Now that I can see him getting slightly better and we have some hope I have been doing a flurry of research and making a ton of phone calls.

The goal now is to fatten him up and get his leg muscles stronger. The fattening up part is pretty easy. I have never allowed Rogue to have people food but now he is going to get a glut of yummy stuff; cottage cheese, meat, broth, vegetables… you name it he is going to get it mixed in with his food. I am hoping for a good gradual 10 pound weight gain since right now I can see his backbone very clearly.

As for getting his leg muscles stronger I talked to several dog therapist companies, yup they have those. The general consensus is to bring him in for hydro therapy to get his back legs stronger while protected his spine from further injury. But on further research off the web I can do a bunch of work at home with simple leg stretches on him and just getting him to walk a little more each day. I am going to try the at home therapy first, if that doesn’t seem to work I will have to bite the bullet and get him into the hydro therapy.

Wish us luck.

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