Saturday, November 9, 2013

Reinjuring my Planters Faciitus

I knew better and yet I did it. Between the physical therapy and the boot and the exercises I have been doing my feet have been feeling good. So last week I took myself out to meet my walking moms. I tried to tell myself that I would only go two miles, surely that would be ok, its not like I would be doing my normal 5-6 miles. But I got to walking, and I got to gabbing, and I just lost track of time. Before I knew it I was excusing myself to my car… I had walked 4 miles and my foot was hurting.

Over the next day my foot started hurting more and more. I cursed myself… I had reinjured one of my feet. Sadly I am benching myself for six weeks with NO exercise. I am back to doing my beginning exercises, back to icing and back to wearing my brace daily. It sucks. Getting old SUCKS.

As we get ready for bed I chuckle. Mr. Rogue and I are a couple of oldies, I am strapping on my foot brace and he is climbing up on his massive ramp (he is sleeping on a ramp to help cure his sore throat from bad acid reflux). At least Mr. Rogue is out of his hand brace and his neck brace. So I suppose we are just trading aliments right now. This year has not been kind to our bodies.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Ha! you think you are old! you just wait! imagine how grandma feels.

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