Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Playdate with the OC Girls

I often don’t get to see my Orange County friends. We all have children and the hour drive in traffic is difficult with a ticking time bomb screamer in the back. Mrs. Cutie and I met at Mrs. Bulldog’s house, all three of us had a baby within three months of each other and it is so much fun to get the babies together.


It is amazing how different babies grow and how genetics plays a factor. My Little Cricket (on the left) is 6 months and on the medium to smaller size right now. Mrs. Cutie’s little man (in the middle) at five months is a big boy and so super long he is off the charts. And then Mrs. Bulldog’s baby (on the right) at just three months is also a big baby. Of course as a mom you cannot help but compare, I don’t want too but I do. And I got that little wiggling feeling that there is something wrong with how slow my little guy is growing. He was so small compared to the two other younger babies. In the next moment I had to squash the doubt. My Little Cricket is fine, he is healthy, he is growing, and I have to tell myself that all babies grow differently.


Of course none of us could resist the cuteness and the baby rolls and the little sweet giggles. Many photos were taken!


I had a proud mommy moment when my Little Cricket headed straight for the piles of books. We have been reading twice a day almost every single day and I really hope that my son grows up loving to read. Looks like the hard work might be just starting to pay off.


Once Mrs. Cutie left Mrs. Bulldog and our babies decided to go to to lunch. She took me to Citrus City Grill, a super yummy restaurant I just wish I could transport up to my neck of the woods. We both ordered the Greek salad with chicken and I couldn’t resist the wild mushroom and cheese risotto… we split it and it was divine. Of course as we are eating we are both talking about the baby weight and how we need to lose. All I could think was screw the diet this mushroom risotto is divine!



Our last stop was to Tiddlywinks across the street. It’s a cute little mom and pop toy store with a pretty cool selection of unique toys. I didn’t find anything that I really needed, and I am trying not to buy every toy out there. Plus with the holidays coming I know my Little Cricket will be getting some new toys.


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paul peggy zeus said...

It's hard not to compare, but we are mothers, we care, so we do.

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