Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pediatrician Appointment Six Months Old

Today I went to the Pediatrician for my Little Cricket’s six month checkup. Although in general he seems to be doing great I was still excited for the visit. After two months without a checkup I was interested to see where he was on the scale and with all the babies we have been around lately I have been worried that my Little Cricket was a little small.

The first thing the nurse does at my doctor’s office is weight, height and head circumference. Looking at his book from his last visit at four months I grew even more anxious, his numbers hadn’t climbed very much.





Weight at 4 months was 14lbs 1oz and now is 15lbs 11 ½oz
Length at 4 months was 25 inches and now is 25 ¼ inches
And head circumference at 4 months was 16 ½ inches to 16 ¾ inches.

He has dropped from 50% percentile to 33% percentile which to me felt like too much. As a mom I cannot help but compare. I know I shouldn’t but I do. I was worried if he is getting enough to eat or if he needs some type of formula supplementation. Since he is exclusively breast fed I really don’t know how much milk he is drinking in a given day. I anxiously waited for the pediatrician to arrive.

The doctor came in and looked over his chart. She stated adamantly that my Little Cricket is healthy, and that babies can fluctuate vastly as they grow. Growth spurts can shoot a child up quickly for a while and then slow down. All these charts and numbers are mostly for doctors she explains. And at that they are just to give an idea of what is normal. These growth charts are also what is the general range of normal however each child has their own path of normal to follow. As long as he is growing over time she is happy. My baby just may be a slow bloomer. She was also super happy that he is perfectly proportional. His head, weight and height are all 33% percentile. Only 12% of babies actually stick to the percentile line that they were born on. Most babies between 6 months to 2 years cross percentile lines often. After 2 years they generally follow their line, more or less. She also pointed out that my baby has good muscle tone, fat rolls, and skin color. A perfectly healthy baby.


One small red flag that came up was that my Little Crickets leg fat is asymmetrical… I was puzzled, never before have I read anything or heard about how fat is supposed to be symmetrical. I will go into more detail in a later post. We need to get some tests done.

After answering all my questions it was time for the nurse to come in with the dreaded shots. On top of his normal immunizations (which we are doing on schedule) there was an added flu shot. With all the traveling we are doing over the holidays, 3 states for Thanksgiving and 3 states for Christmas, and all the houses/kids/people my little one is going to encounter my doctor strongly encouraged getting the shot. Block airways is the number one killer of babies under the age of 1, colds for little ones are difficult and can turn into pneumonia or bronchitis. This way we are trying to get the best protection for our baby.



He screamed during his shots but she was fast and I got to scoop up my baby quickly. Poor little buddy.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I HATED that!! The doctor pokes the baby, then tells you to pick them up, like your the one who hurt them!! AAAAHHHH!

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