Monday, November 11, 2013

My Gold Bling

Recently my Little from Big Brothers Big Sisters and I had our five year anniversary. I wanted to get her something special so I asked her what she would like. What she wants more than anything else is a iTouch. The problem is that these things are super expensive and since I have kind of adopted being a big for her twin sister I want to do a similar gift for both girls. After contemplating for a while I had a great idea, Mr. Rogue and I could upgrade our phones and I could give the girls our iPhones… in essence the same as an iTouch. My Little is super excited but grumping a little because I am making her wait until Christmas since this will be a joint anniversary/Christmas present.

In preparation for giving her our phones I ordered our new ones which came in the mail today. I got the gold…boo-yeah!


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paul peggy zeus said...

You are such a great big sister!

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