Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Moms, Moms, More Moms and Lots of Babies!

I have always been a pretty social person. I never had a problem walking up to a group of strangers and just striking up a conversation. I knew when I got pregnant that my life would be changing and I also knew that rasing a child I would need a village. People that would have small children as well. People I could call to hang out with my baby and I, who would have a baby of their own and who I could relate too. So when I had my Little Cricket I jumped onto Meetup.com and joined a few groups to see which ones fit. Since then I have created a few groups of budding friendships with new moms in my area.

Picnics, walks, shopping, more picnics it is a whirlwind of reconnecting after being gone for almost three weeks. I want to make sure that the little village that I started creating knows that I am now back in the swing of things. These relationships are all so new and are all important for me, my sanity and eventually my Little Cricket for play dates. Just recently (like the past month) he has started to notice some of the other kids. I can’t wait until he is really playing. I am really coming to adore some of these women. Even though it was our children that brought us together we are becoming good friends.







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