Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mommy Group Session 2: Class 7

Today in class we had a pretty small group. Most of the women were out of town or sick. We talked quite a bit about baby sign language and the benefits for mother and child. You can start teaching your child simple signs at 6 months of age, at around 8 months babies can start to use simple sign language to communicate basic needs. Since talking starts anywhere between 12-18 months sign language helps drastically in the window where babies can understand what they want but they cannot speak yet. We were told that research shows as long as you sign and continue to talk to your child speech is not delayed.


Baby sign language has a ton of benefits but the top one will be to help eliminate frustration. Young children will often get very upset out of frustration of not being able to communicate what they want. With signs your baby can communicate at least simple wants and needs. I am not sure yet if I will go all crazy with sign language but I am interested in perhaps teaching a few signs to my child. He will be six months in a few weeks, I am excited to try.


We also talked about parenting our children around other children. It is hard to know what is the proper etiquette when your child plays with another. Our babies are just starting to explore other young children and no one wants their kid getting hurt or hurting someone else. At this age they are too young to tell what to do and not to do so instead we are guided to hold our hand between them preventing the babies from grabbing faces. I can be honest and say that I am usually more worried about my kid hurting someone else than him getting hurt. I plan on continuing to put my baby with other kids often, I just hope I end up with a sweet kid and not a scratcher or a biter.

I cannot wait for class next week. It’s on Halloween day and everyone is bringing in their babies all dressed up. ADORABLENESS COMING YOUR WAY SOON!


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