Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mommy Group Session 2: Class 6

The last two classes we attended my Little Cricket couldn’t stay awake the entire class. At the end there is a little song and dance with the babies and he has up until now missed it; which means I have been singing and dancing to songs I don’t really know alone… it is awesome. This time however my Little Cricket slept through the beginning of class which means he was able to be up for the end. At least now I am getting to know the words of the songs AND I have my baby in my lap during the song.


One day it would be nice if I can get him to stay up for the whole class like the other kids. He is the youngest in the class and the babies range over a three month period. At this age the difference between 5 and 7 months is huge. Some of the babies are crawling, some are sitting and I cannot wait for my Little Cricket to join in the fun!

Today we went over a big range of subjects. Of course again we started off with sleeping; sleep schedules, who’s sleeping, who’s not and any sleep questions. It is so hard, being this slave to someone else’s biorhythms; especially when those rhythms have this really complicated, unpredictable pattern. I keep using the term rhythms and patterns but I guess I should be calling it anti-rhythm and chaos. Because that is really what we are dealing with here folks, sleeping according to a baby is like the chaos theory. Not the blowing up part but the randomness of it all.

We also talked about engaging in active play, which is just a fancy term for introducing them to everything and anything and letting our little ones explore. We also discussed giving our babies puffs instead of cheerios, puffs are like these little baby crack pellets that melt in your mouth. Safer than cheerios because they dissolve so quickly which is awesome, they also allow a baby to work on their pincer grasp, an important milestone at this age.

Because the babies are interacting more, because they are now able to move away from in front of us and invade each other’s space, Allison stops class occasionally to describe what to do in situations as they arise. We talked about how to protect babies from each other’s curiosity and appropriate responses to biting.


Lastly two things came up in my mom conversations with other members of the class during the week in our email chain. I love learning from these women. The first is using a breathable mesh on the crib. Baby bumpers in the crib are not supposed to be used because they can contribute to SIDS but this new bumper is made of a mesh that a baby, if their face gets stuck up against it, can breathe through. Although they are not thick enough to prevent little heads from hitting the crib rails they would help with the fact that my Little Cricket keeps getting his arms and legs stuck in the slots. As an added benefit one of the moms who has it says it is awesome to keep binkies and toys in the crib and off the floor… bonus. I went home and ordered a mesh of my own and I cannot wait until it gets here.

The last thing we talked about was the Holle Brand of formula. Now I am exclusively breastfeeding but I always had some formula in my bag, just in case. I wasn’t worried because I had a failsafe. That is I wasn’t worried until a few weeks ago when I fed my Little Cricket some formula and he got super sick. Now I am obsessed with building up a nice little stock pile of breast milk in the fridge and doing research on formula. One of the moms in my class uses the Holle Brand. Although it is from Germany and if you want it you need to ship it here (which is expensive) after my research it seemed like the best alternative. The mom that uses it sent a very in depth link about baby formula and the breakdown of what is in the top organic brands. Makes for a great read if you like to know exactly what you are getting; you can find the article here. I also love that she has already been using it and her son loves it. She purchases hers from Biologisch, find the link here, and she offered to give me a sample so I can give a little bit to my Little Cricket and see how he likes it.

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