Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mommy Group Session 2: Class 5

I really hate joining something new and missing so much class but rather than skip another session before joining in I just decided to make the best of it. I missed class while in Michigan and then I missed last week because we were in Hawaii. So even though this is my fifth class in essence it is only my third. The good news is that I am starting to remember babies and mommies names and rather than just smile and nod I can actually say hello!

I also recently got added to the mommies email chain, where we vet out questions and encourage each other through struggles and questions, it has helped tremendously in being able to identify which mommy goes to which baby and to know that we are all going through the same thing. I love that all our children are similar ages and that most of the kids in class are little boys, once the babies start exploring more these are the kids I hope will form some of my sons play dates.


The classes are always super interesting. As always we started with open questions. I am learning that the first half of the class is almost always about sleep. Never in my life have I been so obsessed with sleep. I am literally a walking zombie; or Mombie as we are sometimes called. I know how to work hard long grueling hours, this is totally different; t least when I used to work no matter how hard I would get SOME time to shower and sleep. This job doesn’t have a clock out option. Even when I am in my deepest sleep I am listening for those little cries. My son is also not sleeping more than three hours at a time for the most part, so even if I do finally get into a deep sleep I feel like I am pulled out of it immediately. Right now I am just going with his flow but not matter how laid back I am trying to be discussing it with our instructor and getting insight and input is very helpful.

This week, after the sleeping questions we all had our instructor talked about the dreaded baby-proofing. Honestly I have already started to think about how to go about getting our home ready for a little child. Thankfully since I have nieces and nephews and friends children over some of it is already done, unfortunately we still have much more to do. Since there are a few things that I am pretty stumped on how to baby proof (enter giant stone fireplace) I am going to probably call the company our instructor suggested. If we just get the consultation at least I will get some good ideas and perhaps find a few things I may have forgotten.

We also talked about how to balance babies with our lives, something I wrote about a week or so ago. I am exactly where I want to be, I am a mom, and even though I wanted this with all my being there is still tiny things I mourn; sleeping in, going out when I want, the freeness of no children in our daily lives. The benefits far far outweigh the hardships however ignoring that you are mourning some of the changes in your life is unreasonable. Especially for a girl who likes her cake and likes to eat it too!


Our last conversation revolved around baby lead weaning, introducing solids, purees, what food to start with and what food to avoid. I still haven’t done a significant amount of research yet on introducing food to my little one. I still have about a month before I plan on giving him food and it is on my mile long to do list to do a ton of research. In the meantime all of the babies are a little older in the group and I am enjoying learning what is working for them and what things that they are struggling with. Already I have picked up a few tips and tricks that I feel will be helpful.

At our closing song for the class my Little Cricket was finally awake to participate, both other classes we have attended he was passed out cold. Love this group!

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