Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mom Group: Baby Halloween Walk Down Montana Ave

I may have overdid it on the whole Halloween thing; first going to the pumpkin patch, then a party at our house, then the dressing up in class, now a walk on Montana and then later a party at the Fruits house. But this is my Little Crickets first real holiday, and it is a holiday that I love, so my defense is I just couldn’t help myself.





My Little Cricket and I met one of my mom groups for a little trick or treating. Montana Ave where there are a bunch of cute little shops that were giving out candy to small children. I couldn’t believe how super busy it was. I brought my stroller because carrying my Little Cricket around with all his stuff seemed like too much for me to handle. I didn’t dress up in my costume, only because it was a little warm and I was too worried I would wilt. I should have dressed up; I could kick myself for making excuses, because there were SO MANY fun people there in awesome costumes. People watching is one of my all-time favorite things to do and with so much to see I had a blast. Next year my little boy will be old enough to actually trick or treat, this time we just sat back and watched.




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