Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hawaii: Getting Home

Yesterday Mr. Rogue and I had a ten minute discussion where we threw around the idea of just hiding from the world one more week. We didn’t really know what to expect, traveling with a small child, but really we have had the most magical, relaxing and fabulous time. The only thing that is forcing us home is Mr. Rogue’s work. He has taken off so much time this year for his hand surgery, neck surgery, the baby, and now this vacation and there are the holidays coming up. It just sadly, very sadly, wasn’t going to work with us attempting to stay longer.


So this morning we packed up the considerable mountain of stuff that I had packed and headed to the airport for the way home. I loved Kauai, loved its laid back simplicity, loved its quiet beauty. It was exactly what Mr. Rogue and I wanted when we booked our vacation. However I didn’t love anything about the airport. We got there and we didn’t have a gate assigned to us. After an hour of waiting and still not having a gate I asked a few people and found out that all airlines to the US depart from a specific area, so we headed to the area. Still no gate but confident we were in the right part we sat to wait. As our departure time slowly creeped closer and closer I started getting nervous. So I had to ask 6 people before I could find out that there wasn’t a gate assigned because we didn’t have a plane yet. Two hours later, without a single announcement from the gate agent the plane finally started boarding. The jerk gate agent then didn’t even bother preboarding the elderly and people with kids. When I asked about an extra seat for my son’s carseat I was told that the flight was overbooked and that there wouldn’t be any seats so I gate checked the carseat. But when we boarded and the doors to the plane finally closed there were SEVERAL seats empty, including one right next to me. Would have been nice to have our carseat… SIGH.


Thankfully my Little Cricket was fabulous on the plane, and with two of us to entertain and keep him quiet our flight went by quickly.


Getting home never felt so good. After almost three weeks of traveling I could finally take a break and rest.

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